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Mechanical valves (GAER line)


Dorot's Mechanical Valves stand as a global solution in the equipment of hydraulic installations in the industrial, water distribution and treatment, as well as the heating and plumbing. Used individually as single product or as a complement to the rest of Dorot's product lines and solutions, the Mechanical Valve range differentiate through its quality, efficiency and competitiveness in fields like Water Works, Industry, Water Treatment and others.

In this range, the industrial line, with gate, butterfly and retention valves in different configurations and models, stands out first. A section of boiler and filtration elements is also included in this line, as well as components made entirely of stainless steel. The plumbing line includes those elements whose main component is brass and is constituted by the valves usually used in plumbing and heating, such as those of gate or filters.

See GAER LINE General Brochure