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uPVC Valves - 95-96 Series

uPVC Valves - 95-96 Series


The uPVC valves, models 95 (threaded) and 96 (solvent welded) are designed to be used in high-flow irrigation plots and flood tables. The direct installation on-to the PVC pipelines and the optional underground installation, assist in reducing both the installation costs as well as discarding surplus friction-losses by eliminating the use of elbow joints in above-ground installations. Unique diaphragm design generates surge-free closure even at high velocities. Unique hydrodynamic design allows exceptionally low pressure losses at high flow rates, stable regulation from maximal to near zero flows, surge-free closure and simple, minimal maintenance.

Features & Advantages

  • Simple & Easy maintenance
  • Superb hydraulic performance
  • Offer high resistance to corrosive fluids and can be used for aggressive media conduction
  • Light-weight, cost-saving
  • Minimum maintenance - maximum dependability
  • Simple to install with slip or threaded PVC connections
  • May be installed to an underground, soil-coverd pipeline
  • Simple Structure - Only 4 parts: Body- Diaphragm – Spring - Bonnet
  • Variety in End Connection Options: Thread 3" (80mm)  BSP or NP;  Solvent welded 3", 4", 6", 90mm, 110mm, 160mm; Flange 3", 4", 6"
  • Flexible Diaphragm:
    • Trouble-free operation even with raw water (with high content of solids and impurities) conduction
    • Excellent Regulation capabilities, including at Zero Flow
    • Extremely wide water pass-through cross sections
  • Cost effective, quick installation:
  • Extremely simple to install in the field, no tools or accessories required
  • Solvent weld or threaded end-connection options

Main Control Functions & Applications

  • PR – Pressure Reducing
  • PS – Pressure Sustaining
  • PR – Pressure Reducing/ Mining