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SuperGal Valve - 75 Series

SuperGal Valve - 75 Series


The Super Gal is an innovative 3” plastic valve designed for greenhouse, nursery and drip irrigation, agriculture and landscape applications. Designed for a variety of water control applications, the Super Gal is made out of sturdy, durable, corrosion resistant, high-quality materials. Equipped with a direct-sealing diaphragm, the Super Gal is operated by the pressure in the pipeline and is manufactured in a variety of models including throttling, built-in solenoid operator, various end connection options, and more.

With its simple design, the Super Gal allows maximum dependability at a minimum level of maintenance, while yielding optimal irrigation operation.

Features & Advantages

  • High-capacity design with extremely low pressure losses
  • Very low opening pressure
  • Strong and reliable, even under harsh conditions
  • Super compact structure and minimal parts makes it simple to install and maintain
  • Versatile design: 3 Way and 2 Way operation
  • Corrosion resistant high quality materials
  • Cost-saving operation based on low inrush current solenoids
  • Simple inline installation for easy, low-cost maintenance
  • Available with a throttling handle for flow control
  • The Super Gal 75S valve is available with a wide range of end connections and control options, making it the most versatile valve of its kind: Threaded 3”; Flanged 3”; Flanged 4”

Main Control Functions & Applications

  • M  Manually Controlled Valve 
  • EL(D3)  3-way Electric Valve
  • ED2  2-way Electric Valve - Electrically actuated, normally-closed valve with integral solenoid operator.
  • PR  Pressure Reducing Valve 
  • RC  Hydraulic Remote Controlled Valve
  • PS  Pressure Sustaining & Relief Valve
  • PR/RC  Hydraulically-activated Pressure Reducing Valve
  • PR/PS  Pressure Reducing / Sustaining Valve
  • PS/EL  Electrically-activated Pressure Sustaining Valve
  • PR/EL  Electrically-activated Pressure Reducing Valve
  • FR  Flow Control Valve
  • FL  Modulating Float Controlled Valve