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80 A-QR Quick Pressure Relief Valve

80 A-QR Quick Pressure Relief Valve


The 80A-QR is a pilot-operated, universal surge-relief valve, that is designed for the pressure-surge protection of pumps, filtration systems and pipelines in mining (corrisive fluid) and agricultural irrigation applications.
The valve continuously senses the pressure in the system and keeps a drip-tight closed position as long as the pressure is low.
The valve instantly opens in case the upstream pressure has reached a set, critical value, allowing surplus flow out of the system. The closing-speed is regulated so to allow smooth and quiet attenuation of the pressure-surges.

Features & Advantages

  • Dependable, moderatly-priced, pilot-operated valve
  • Eliminates most of the drawbacks of spring-loaded relief valves
  • Fast opening and slow, regulated closure - prevents shuttering and secondary surges
  • The relief-flow can be directed away or can be connected to a collector
  • Extremely accurate: will open and close at the same pressure setting
  • Leak-proof design
  • Constructed from rugged, corrosion-proof composite materials
  • May be ordered factory set and sealed under actual hydrostatic conditions, or can be shipped to you for final field adjustment
  • Small, light-weight and easy to adjust with just a small key and applying small torque
  • Provides relief setting-range from 1 to 10 bar / 15-150 psi