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80 Series - 80W Double Outlet Valve

80 Series - 80W Double  Outlet Valve


Dorot presents the 80W, a specially designed  valve for agriculture applications featuring  high quality, affordability, ease of installation  and a durable construction. 

Features & Advantages

  • Specially designed for irrigation when one inlet and two independent outlets are required
  • Features a unique replaceable inlet connector - if worn-out, swap it with a new inlet instead of being forced to invest in a new complete valve
  • A uniquely designed diaphragm allows steady regulation even at low flow rates
  • Designed for high flow rates while maintaining extremely low pressure losses
  • Wide operation pressure range, from as low as 0.5 bar up to 10 bar
  • Uses light-weight, high quality, corrosion resistant materials
  • Simple and reliable
  • Allows for a wide range of control applications