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80 Series - Globe & Angle

80 Series - Globe & Angle


The 80 Series – Globe & Angle Irrigation Valves its an innovative valve for agricultural, irrigation, greenhouses, filtration systems and public turf irrigation.

Features & Advantages

  • Simple, reliable and economical
  • Angle or straight, globe- pattern valve, activated by a fully-supported diaphragm
  • Durable, corrosion free materials
  • Unique clog-free labyrinth inlet of the activation water on electric 2-way valves
  • 3 Position Manual override on electric 2-way valves
  • Operation at wide range of flow rates, from near zero to the maximal flow
  • Electric 2-way or hydraulic / electric 3-way actuation
  • All of the control system’s devices are assembled on the valve’s bonnet. No tubes are connected to the body
  • Removable flow control stem handle (optional)
  • Integral stainless-steel EasyClean® filter