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75 Series

75 Series


Series 75 plastic valves are designed to control irrigation systems for crop fields, vineyards and orchards. This series boasts exceptional hydraulic characteristics enabling high flow rates, while operating at low head loss. A wide range of control functions allow designing and operating optimal irrigation networks.

Features & Advantages

  • Simple & Easy maintenance
  • Superb hydraulic performance - unmatched high flow capacity
  • Durable, corrosion free materials
  • Unique clog-free labyrinth inlet in the electric 2-way valves
  • Optional check feature
  • Operates at a wide range of flow rates, from near zero to maximal flow
  • Electric 2-way or hydraulic / electric 3-way actuation
  • Optional flow control throttle handle
  • Suitable for Low pressure system
  • Simplicity - Only 4 parts: Body- Diaphragm – Spring* - Bonnet

*For 3way models only

  • Variety in End Connection Options: BSP; NPT - Thread 3/4"- 3" (20mm-80mm); PVC Connection 2" (50mm); Universal Flange 3", 4" (80mm, 100mm)
  • Versatility: Manual throttling  / Built-in Solenoid
  • Flexible Diaphragm:
  • Trouble-free open-close as well as regulating operation even  with raw water (with high rate of solids and impurities) conduction
  • Excellent Regulation capabilities, including at Zero Flow conditions
  • Extremely wide water pass-through cross sections

Main Control Functions & Applications

  • PR – Pressure Reducing
  • PR/RC – Pressure Reducing/ Remote Control
  • PR/PS – Pressure Reducing Pressure Sustaining
  • ELD3 – Electroni Differential 3 way
  • ED2 – Electronic Differential 2way
  • 75P - EL Mining