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Dorot Pilot Valves Range

Dorot Pilot Valves Range

3-way pilot valve (positioning)

The 3-way pilot valve is a selector pilot activated by the pipeline pressure which admits the control media into the control chamber to close the main valve, relieves the media from the control chamber to open the main valve, or locks the volume in the control chamber to keep the main valve throttled at a fixed regulating position. This control principle allows for full opening of the main valve when operating conditions require the valve to be fully open.

3-way Control is used for:

  • On-Off Control valves.
  • Regulating valves which need operate with low pressure differential.
  • Dirty water as raw irrigation water and sewage water.
  • Where usage of external control media (such as pressurized air) is required.


2-way pilot valve

In a two-way pilot valve, the upstream side of the valve is connected by a control tube to the control chamber and to the downstream side of the valve. Two flow restrictors are assembled. One (orifice or needle valve) assembled upstream of the control chamber and the other (a pilot valve) assembled on the downstream side and modulates in response to the pipeline pressure. The relative opening of both restrictors dictates the position of the main valve. This type of control principal provides very accurate and sensitive regulation but creates considerable pressure loss even if no regulation is needed. 

2-way Control is used when:

  • Minimal pressure differential at all operating conditions allows it.
  • Sensitive (fast response) regulation is required.
  • Relatively high quality water.

Pilot Valves Range

Plastic mini-pilots

  • 29-100 / Pressure-Reducing, 3-way plastic pilot-valve
  • 29-10R / Pressure-Reducing, 3-way plastic pilot-valve
  • 29-200 / Multi-purpose, 3-way plastic pilot-valve
  • 29-310 / Differential pressure reducing, 3-way plastic pilot-valve

Metal mini-pilots

  • 68-410 / Pressure-Reducing, 2-way metal pilot-valve
  • 68-41M / Pressure-reducing, 2-way pilot-valve with electronic setting (pneumatically) modulated by controller
  • 68-510 / Pressure-Sustaining/Relief, 2-way pilot-valve
  • 68-500 / Pressure-Sustaining/Relief, 2-way pilot-valve
  • 68-215 / Quick-Acting, 2-way pressure-relief metal pilot-valve
  • 31-10R / Pressure-Reducing, 3-way metal pilot-valve (31-1RD Differential-Reducing)
  • 31-10S / Pressure-Sustaining, 3-way metal pilot-valve
  • 31-1SD / Pressure-Differential sustaining
  • 31-10F / Rate of flow, 3-way pilot-valve
  • 31-10M / Pressure-reducing, 3-way pilot-valve with variable electronic setting (pneumatically) modulated by controller

Metal pilots

  • CXPR / Pressure-Reducing, 2-way metal pilot-valve
  • CXPS / Pressure-Sustaining/Relief, 2-way pilot-valve
  • CXSD / Differential Pressure Sustaining, 2-way pilot-valve
  • 31-310 / Multi-purpose, 3-way pilot-valve
  • 76-200 / Multi purpose, 3-way metal pilot-valve
  • 66-310 / Multi-purpose Metal Pilot and Relay-Valve (66-31D Differential-pressure sensing)
  • 68-710 / Multi-purpose, 3-way pilot-valve

High sensitivity metal pilots

  • 31-10A / Altitude control, 3-way metal pilot-valve
  • CXAL / High-Sensitivity Pressure-reducing and Altitude Control, 2-way metal pilot-valve

Float pilots

  • 70-300 / Modulating, 2-way float pilot-valve
  • 70-400 / Modulating, 2-way float pilot-valve
  • 70-550 / Differential, 3-way vertical float pilot-valve
  • 70-610 / Differential, 3-way horizontal float pilot-valve

Plastic relay

  • 25-300 / Hydraulic accelerator relay, 3-way pilot-valve
  • Galit / Hydraulic relay, 3-way pilot-valve

Metal relay

  • 28-200 / Hydraulic accelerator relay, 2-way pilot-valve
  • 66-21X / Hydraulic accelerator relay, 3-way metal pilot-valve