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500 Series

500 Series


The Dorot Series 500 is a unique, cost effective control valve for water-works and irrigation systems. It is designed for superb regulation capabilities, combined with low pressure loss in the fully open position. The experts at Dorot developed this technically-advanced product line with capabilities far beyond most other valves. This guide will asist you in the selection of the optimal DOROT Series 500 valve.

Features & Advantages

  • Wide body shape prevents cavitation damage, and ensures very low noise during operation.
  • Coating: UV resistant and certified for use in potable water applications
  • Wear & corrosion resistant SST seat
  • Option for SST indicator rod
  • Innovative diaphragm-trim assembly guided by lowfriction top & bottom guides
  • LTP® (Linear Throttling Plug) for superior low flow regulation
  • Special valve design: reduction in head-losses
  • The capability to regulate at “near zero” flow, as a standard feature on all sizes, achieved by the LTP® (“Linear Throttling Plug”) device, completely eliminates the need for a low flow bypass valve, or internal throteling device such as U-port or V-port.
  • The unique bottom guide together with the hydrodynamically designed structure enable very low head loss in the ”fully-open” position.
  • A standard valve model fits a wide variety of control applications using Dorot pilot valves.
  • An especially short face-to-face dimension, ensures maximal saving in installation space
  • An innovative internal trim ensures frictionless operation, easy maintenance and high reliability.
  • During closure, the pace slows down to prevent slamming or water hammer / surges.
  • The series includes a position indication rod, as an optional feature, attached by a floating connection, enabling smooth movement of the indicator. Very quiet and stable operation makes the valves especially suitable for housing and residential applications.
  • All materials are WRAS & NSF approved for potable water.

Main Control Functions & Applications

Remote Control & Check Valves

  • EL - Solenoid Controlled Valve
  • CV - Hydraulic Check Valve
  • RC - Hydraulic Remote Control Valve

Pressure Reducing Valves

  • PR - Pressure Reducing Valve
  • PR/EL - Electrically Operated Pressure Reducing Valve

Pressure Sustaining & Relief Valves

  • PS - Pressure Sustaining Valve
  • PS(R) - Pressure Relief Valve
  • DI - Pressure Differential Sustaining Valve
  • QR - Quick-Relief Safety Valve

Flow Rate Control Valves

  • FR - Flow Rate Control Valve
  • FE - Excessive Flow Shut-Off Valve

Level Control Valves

  • FL - Modulating Float Controlled Valve
  • FLDI - Differential Float Controlled Valve
  • FLEL - Electric Float-Controlled Valve
  • AL - Altitude Control Valve

Special Control Applications

SP - Surge-Preventing Closure