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Back-Flushing Valves


Dorot Control Valves have been delivering successful control valve solutions for back-flush systems for the last 35 years. Due to its strong relationship with leading filter manufacturers around the world, Dorot has succeeded developing high-end solutions available in the marketplace with an understanding of filtration system’s needs. The valves are designed and manufactured in-house to offer the highest performance and reliability.

The principle of back-flushing consist in applying relatively clean, reverse-flow through the filter element and discharging the water flow that is carrying dirt and particles out of the system through a drain line. The back-flushing procedure requires numerous valves (at least 4 per filter) operated in a synchronized manner, making it complex to operate manually and costly to automate. Using hydraulic back-flushing valves simplifies the synchronization of the control system, minimizes the number of valves required, and allows valve operation with minimal or no electric power consumption.


  • Low-power automation (actuation by the line pressure or by compressed air). Electric actuation is possible using low-power solenoid valves that can be either fed by continuous power or by battery powered controller.
  • Minimal number of valves required per filter.
  • No need to synchronize the operation of two valves- one port closes while the other simultaneously opens - the entire operation is integrated in the back-flush control valve.
  • Simple maintenance, no motor gear or other electro-mechanical elements.