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Hydraulic Control Valves


From the patented 100 Series "Gal Valve" with its weir type, direct-sealing diaphragm valve, with applications in Water Works, Fire Protection and also Agriculture, to the "State of the Art" 300 Series valve, a globe-pattern rigid sealing control valve for Water Works and Fire Protection applications, Dorot’s high-performance valves set new quality and reliability standards. The company’s innovative product lines are supplied in a variety of models and configurations, and are characterized by a minimalistic structure, simple design, long-term durability, cost-effective and user-friendly installation, operation and maintenance. Offering a large variety of standard and tailor made materials, Dorot's Hydraulic Control valves are best to use also for Agriculture applications, Industry, Mining and Water Treatment.  

Metal Pilot - Operated Valves 

  • 100 Series - Weir type, direct-sealing diaphragm valve for Water Works, Fire Protection, Wastewater systems & Agriculture
  • 300 Series - Globe-pattern rigid sealing control valve for for Water Works and Fire Protection. 
  • 500 Series - Y-pattern rigid sealing control valve for a variety of applications in multiple Fields of Expertise. 

Plastic Pilot - Operated Valves 

  • Plastic valves - Direct-sealing diaphragm valves, mainly used in Agriculture sector for greenhouses, irrigation, landscape systems and also water treatment
  • uPVC valves - Direct-sealing diaphragm valves for Agriculture, wastewater, Mining and other heavy chemical applications.

Back-Flushing Valves ​

  • Specifically designed valves for back-flushing filtration systems in fields like Agriculture, Water Treatment, Mining; available in a variety of configurations and materials

Pilot Valves ​

Solenoid Valves & Accessories ​