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Dorot Digital Solutions


Dorot Digital Solutions was formed within Dorot to combine our profound knowledge of hydraulics with Hi-Tech innovative solutions.

Our mission:

  • Develop and supply smart water network solutions and services
  • Save money by reducing operation and capital expenses
  • Conserve energy and reduce water leaks and pipe bursts
  • Increase water supply efficiency
  • Help improve water utility services
  • Increase infrastructure lifespan
  • Above all – contribute to the responsible use of this precious resource

Short history

20 years ago, Dorot introduced the first-generation “ConDor” - an advanced and unique multi-functional dedicated hydraulic controller.

Dorot successfully sold several hundreds of units of this model.

In 2015, Dorot began the development of the next generation controller, based on the previous model’s principals but adding modern properties:

  • Remote and local control – change values and functionality via smartphone or website
  • Cellular and Bluetooth communication
  • Proprietary cloud-based command and control system called the “SKYplatform” (mini SCADA)
  • Several active hydraulic functions configured at once
  • MODBUS & OPC protocol support for seamless SCADA system integration

The world is on a clear path to becoming increasingly digital in nearly every sector. Water utilities are coming to embrace this transformation, realizing the benefits they can gain – some are at the beginning of the path and some are well on their way. Today, Dorot Digital Solutions leads the water-tech innovation developments to provide up-to-date technologies and smart systems and solutions that can contribute and upgrade the water industry.

Dorot Digital Solutions is your smart water solution provider!

Go to www.dorotdigitalsolutions.com