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Smart It Up!

Smart It Up!


What is Smart It UpTM?

A system that efficiently and dynamically manages the water in the utility's network based upon numerous variables such as pressure, flow, water level, salinity, turbidity and more.

Through Smart It UpTM, we are offering field proven products that enable you to manage and control literally all aspects of your water network. This is a unique range of products in terms of functionality, flexibility, and reliability available exclusively from Dorot.

Our existing presence covers hundreds of units, from rural agricultural villages in India to the water network of Mumbai, one of the world’s mega-cities – another case study we will present soon.

Our solutions are adopted in water works, agriculture and the mining industry.

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Our commitment

  • Develop and supply smart water network solutions and services
  • Save money by reducing operation and capital expenses
  • Conserve energy and reduce water leaks and pipe bursts
  • Increase water supply efficiency
  • Help improve water utility services
  • Increase infrastructure lifespan
  • Above all – contribute to the responsible use of this precious resource

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