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R.O.I. Calculator

    Dorot Smart It Up

    ROI Analysis Tool

    Instructions: enter actual utility data in each relevant scenario and see the total saving by implementing Dorot's SIU solutions!

    Utility Field Person

    Dispatching field service perosnnel across the city can be costly. Remote controlling the valve and receiving data from it saves time & money and protects the environment.

    Utility Field Person - Transportation

    * The field technicians are dispatched to open or close a valve, change the set-point, check flow, etc. Assume 2 weekly trips, each 20Km.

    Pipe Burst

    Bursts are a catastrophoc event, often related to exessive pressure and water hammer in the pipeline. Shutting a valve remotely and protecting the network by actuating valves gradually help reduce occurances and time.

    * Realistic and conservative

    Quality of Service

    Fines are often imposed on utilities when not complying with regulation. Dynamic pressure management reduce events and fines.

    * Realistic and conservative (UKWIR)


    High NRW equals loss of water, wasted energy, loss of income and low quality of service along with high cost of network maintainance.

    * Manila, assuming 1000 valves

    Electric expense per valve

    Bonus deal: reduce expenses AND protect the environment! The average annual energy consumption of a motor (e.g. Rotork) actuated valve is in the order of 10,000 kWh and requires 400VAC, 3ph mains electricity supply. Dorot's hydraulic valves are operated by solenoid having an average annual energy consumption of about 14 kWh.Beyond reducing electric bills, this difference represents a yearly emission saving of several tons of CO2.

    * 0.4483 kgs CO2 per kWh (figures from USA, 2019)

    Reserviors and water tank overflows

    Reservior and water tank overflows waste water and and can cause collateral and financial damage.

    * Dorot Smart It Up can minimize overflows to 0

    Total Savings