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Waste Water

DAV-WP Wastewater Air Valves

The DAV-WP valve has been designed for efficient discharge and intake of air from pressurized sewage systems where confined air (gases) could impair the system’s operation. The valve’s conical elongated body design minimizes the possibility of suspended solids or greases / oils clogging the orifice or causing the mechanism to foul up and stick. For ease of maintenance, the DAV-WP is equipped with a 1” drain valve to allow periodic flushing of sediments, grease and solids.

Main Operations:

  • Discharge of air at high flow velocity during the initial filling of the network.
  • Introducing large quantities of air into the system when the pipe drains, maintaining atmospheric pressures in the pipeline and preventing collapse and cavitation damage to the conduits.
  • Relieving entrapped air (gases) from the pipeline while the network is at normal working pressure.

Principle of operation:

  • Automatic - Dissolved gas is accumulated in the valve, released when the float drops
  • Air and Vacuum (Kinetic) - Pipeline is aerated
  • Closed - Pipeline is full of liquid