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DAV-MP-1-A Automatic Air-Valve, Metallic-Shield

DAV-MP-1-A Automatic Air-Valve, Metallic-Shield


This valve is designed for an efficient release of entrapped air from the pipeline, while the network is at normal working pressure. Due to the relatively large orifice, compared to other Automatic valves in the market, it can also release the air through initial filling of a small-diameter pipe, or admit air into it while it is drained.

Features & Advantages

  • An Automatic air valve, that enables the release of air that accumulates in the liquid-filled pipeline. The valve will release the air at normal operation pressures of the pipeline.
  • The Float is made of naturally-buoyant material (specific weight lower than 1) and activates a sealing stripe, that closes the outlet port when the water fills the valve body.
  • On accumulation of air in the valve, loss of buoyancy causes the float to drop and to pull the strip, thus opening the air outlet.
  • The Hydraulic sealing of the orifice will provide a drip-tight closure at a pressure as low as 2mwc (3psi).

Technical Specifications

  • Operating pressure 0.1 bar / 1.5 psi to 25 bar / 360 psi
  • 1” BSP or NPT threaded base - as per the customer’s choice
  • Cover material: Cast Iron Base material: Brass
  • Internal parts: corrosion resistant, reinforced plastic materials and synthetic rubber