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Products & Solutions

Digital Solutions

Dorot Digital Solutions emerged within Dorot, combining our expert knowledge of hydraulics with state-of-art innovative solutions. Today, Dorot Digital Solutions leads the industry in water technology advancement by providing up-to-date innovations, smart systems, and solutions that contribute to and enhance the water industry.

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Hydraulic Control Valves

From the patented 100 Series "Gal Valve" with its weir type, direct-sealing diaphragm valve, with applications in Water Works, Fire Protection and also Agriculture, to the "State of the Art" 300 Series valve, a globe-pattern rigid sealing control valve for Water Works and Fire Protection fields. Dorot’s high-performance valves set new quality and reliability standards. 

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Mechanical Valves

Dorot's Mechanical Valves stand as a global solution in the equipment of hydraulic installations in the industrial, water distribution and treatment. Used individually as single product or as a complement to the rest of Dorot's product lines and solutions, the Mechanical Valve range differentiate through its quality, efficiency and competitiveness in fields like Water Works, Industry, Water Treatment and others.

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Air Valves

The presence of trapped air in a pressurized pipeline can have serious effects on system operation and efficiency. Dorot Air Valves offers the most reliable solution to overcome all these challenges that may occur on a pipeline for a long lasting operational system and most efficient water network. 


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