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Partnership for India between MATHolding & Vicente Ferrer Foundation



April, 25, 2019

Vicente Ferrer Foundation and MAT Holding collaborate to promote environmental awareness among young students from 100 schools in India.

  • Through the training and tree plantation, 750 high school students from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana will be trained in subjects related to climate change and global justice.
  • This initiative aims to promote the empowerment and youth leadership so that young people use their skills as an engine of social and environmental transformation. 

On ​​April 25th, 2019. - Vicente Ferrer Foundation and MAT Holding group, a worldwide reference in copper salts for agriculture, hydraulic valves and filtration and number one in distribution of products for irrigation efficiency in Spain and Portugal, have formalized a collaboration agreement to help combat climate change and promote environmental awareness among high school students in India, specifically the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Pau Relat, MAT Holding’s CEO, and Jordi Folgado, General Director at Vicente Ferrer Foundation, have signed the collaboration agreement that will initially last a period of twelve months. This initiative includes the plantation of trees to help recover arid areas due to drought and training through academies to empower 750 high school students, between 12 and 16 years, on topics related to climate change and global justice.

The project - driven by Vicente Ferrer Foundation (FVF) and Plant for the Planet organization - aims to promote the leadership and active participation of young people as "Ambassadors for Climate Justice", encouraging and supporting their commitment as real change actors in actions that contribute to the sustainability of the planet. 

As Pau Relat, MAT Holding’s CEO, has highlighted,: "Our company is committed to the environment and with the support of especially vulnerable communities, which is why it is very important for us to collaborate with organizations such as Vicente Ferrer Foundation, which is developing a key work in India”.

For more than 3 years, through its daughter company, Dorot and its subsidiary, Dorot India, MAT Holding has been a supporter and promoter of sustainable and reliable projects in water infrastructure renewal, conducted in India. In present, we are executing over 9 projects all over India, where Dorot India along with MAT Technologies implement automation solutions for water supply systems.  

On his part Jordi Folgado, general director of Vicente Ferrer Foundation, highlighted that "Our organization has a specific program to boost the economy of peasants by rationalizing the use of water. Last year we installed nearly a thousand irrigation savings equipment among our recipients. The region where we intervene suffers an endemic drought. We have been working for 50 years to fight against the desertification of Anantapur. Last year we planted 1.6 million trees to reforest the region. We believe in economic growth that respects the environment. This has always been our commitment and continues to be so now that the United Nations has picked it up as one of the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Our future depends on how we take care of nature. Therefore, that is why I am so satisfied with this agreement with MAT Holding to promote environmental awareness among young people".

The informative and awareness sessions -called academies- are conceived as spaces for the identification of future ambassadors, young leaders who, based on the knowledge obtained, wish to continue learning and working for climate justice. In total, the project includes the participation of 750 students from 100 schools distributed in eight regions: Adoni, BK Samudram, Bathalapalli, Kadiri, Kalyandurg, Madakasira, Uravakonda and Srisailam. The first seven belong to the state of Andhra Pradesh and the last one to Telangana.

Vicente Ferrer Foundation is the first NGO in India with which Plant for The Planet establishes an association of this kind, to promote the conservation of the environment and contribute to the development of the local population. In addition, this project includes an exchange activity between the "young ambassadors" of India and Spain with the aim of strengthening the links of the global network of Plant for The Planet (PFTP). Since the creation of PFTP around 100,000 children around the world in more than 100 countries have participated in tree plantation.

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