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Matholding Group is strengthening its market position in water control and handling solutions through the acquisition of 51 percent of the shares in the U.S. company, OCV Control Valves.  The group is rounding out its portfolio in hydraulic control valves and air valves by merging Dorot Control Valves’ expertise with OCV’s know-how and experience in the U.S. and Canadian markets.

On April 9, 2018, Matholding Group, a Spanish family-owned holding company, further secured its position as a world leader in providing water control solutions by acquiring 51 percent share in OCV Control Valves. An American family-owned company, OCV was established more than 65 years ago by Robert E. “Tex” Radford in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.  The acquisition reinforces Matholding’s commitment to provide water control solutions, a leading position already obtained through Dorot Control Valves, Matholding’s major pillar in water control solutions. The signing of the contract took place at OCV’s headquarters in the United States.

“Matholding is constantly evolving!  We understand that our growth relies on the synergies that we create worldwide.  The U.S. market has always been a challenge for our group and now, with OCV as part of our family, we are confident in our development and growth.  Besides our common field of activity that brought us together, we share much more with OCV.  We have common values and work principles.  We understand the importance of people empowerment.  We respect and feed our innovation on the tradition of our founding families with the courage to build the future with the values they pass on from generation to generation.  This is what brings us together today.  These are the grounds for our success,” remarked Pau Relat, CEO of Matholding Group and Chairman of Dorot Control Valves.


With sales of more than $12 million U.S. dollars and approximately 60 employees, OCV will strengthen the group portfolio and broaden its area of activity into fluid control solutions for aviation fueling and terminal services and fire protection.  OCV’s know-how and area of expertise in these fields, combined with Dorot Control Valves’ knowledge in waterworks and agricultural areas and its vast portfolio of hydraulic control valves and air valves, will boost Matholding’s activity and position as a leading solution provider in fluid transportation and handling.  Together, the two companies are expected to have $60 million dollars in U.S. sales in 2018.

“One of the triggers of our investment that will fuel and drive us to success is the management team we have discovered in OCV.  We have a lot of knowledge to share with one another.  It is a learning process that will only bring us success.  For us, joining strengths with the Radford family is an honor and I am sure will lead us all towards a greater and sustainable future!” remarked Pau Relat.

All investments and combined know-how in the commercial, logistics and production platform between Dorot Control Valves and OCV will generate a growth for all groups’ technology in the water segment: hydraulic control valves, air valves, automation, mechanical valves, water meters, filtration and water treatment. The wide expansion of Matholding’s portfolio and expertise in solutions in automation and control and NRW projects combined with OCV’s strong reputation and brand awareness in the U.S. market will position OCV as one of the leading solution providers in the water market for the U.S. and Canada.

“OCV has built its reputation on high quality products and the best customer service that we can provide.  When we first met with the Matholding team, the things that stood out to us were their strong corporate values and their people-focused company culture, which we felt closely aligned with ours.  We are now one team with one goal.  We are proud to be a part of the Matholding family and together we are now in a stronger position,” remarked Britt Radford, Board Member OCV.

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NFPA 2018 - Las Vegas

In June, 2018, Dorot will attend NFPA Conference& Expo in Las Vegas, NV, USA. This is a conference that brings together the best engineering minds, the best thinkers and the best companies. Our company will present the latest innovations in fire protection, will help you discover solutions to the technical challenges and find answers to code questions. 

Visit Dorot Booth #1163, 11-14th of June, 

Mandalay Bay Convention Center, LV

Dorot has been a proud participant of the NFPA exhibitions for more than a decade. During the years Dorot Fire Protection Division has expanded its UL listed offerings in terms of a wider selection of valve diameters, control trims, the combination of deluge - pressure reducing valves, working pressure and end connections.

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Join us @Agritech - Booth#105

In May, 2018,  Matholding Group is presenting its integrated water supply solutions for Agriculture @ Agritech Exhibition, 8-10th of May, Tel Aviv, Israel. Dorot, along with STF and GAER Line Ultrasonic Water Meters, all part of Matholding, will attend AGRITECH Exhibition, one of the world’s most important exhibitions in the field of agricultural technologies worldwide. This is a chance for our partners to discover our latest agriculture solutions and innovative products.

Visit us @ Booth  #105 



Water is a force of nature, a vital resource that we, Matholding, through its companies, are able to nurture, clean, control and measure to the benefit of the farmer and its crops, by offering and delivering a high-end one stop solution for sustainable integrated irrigation systems, all over the world.
Join us during Agritech Exhibition to find out more about how to take care of your crops & water! 

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Matholding Group & Dorot Mexico lends a hand to the Water Company in Mexico City

Matholding Group, through its daughter company Dorot - Mexico Subsidiary has donated a package of Dorot Hydraulic Control Solutions to SACMEX (Sistema de Agua de la Ciudad de México) at the beginning of Febuary, 2018.

On the 19th of September 2017 Mexico* city has been devasted by an unprecendet natural disaster – 2017 Central Mexico earthquake  with an estimated magnitude of Mw 7.1 and strong shaking for about 20 seconds. As a consequeance, entire city infrastructure has suffered tremendous damage, affecting the water supply network.

Matholding Group, through its local representatives, Dorot Mexico, has offered to cooperare with SACMEX (Sistema de Agua de la Ciudad de México/Water Company of Mexico City) and contibute the rehabilitation of water supply infrastructure in Mexico City with a donation of multiple models of Dorot Control Valves, in market value of $ 1,190,000  Mexican Pesos ~ $65,000 USD.

„We cannot close our eyes and be ignorant in front of a disaster like the earthquake that hit Mexico in 2017. Sustainable businesses grow and develop on sustainable societies. We have a duty to ourselves and to our communities to contribute to the society’s well-being, support our people as much as we can. This is an act of humanity and I encourage all companies in the water sector and not only,  to follow our lead and have a responsible attitude towards our communities, our people and our resources”. (PAU Relat, CEO Matholding Group)

The donation procedures had taken place at the Main Storage of SACMEX located in the east of Mexico City.

Main SACMEX Staff that will receiving the donation:

  • Ing. Ramón Aguirre, General Director
  • C.P. Frida Palacios, General Administrative Director
  • Ing. Héctor Reyes, Drinking Water and Purification Water  Director

(Sacmex website:  www.sacmex.cdmx.gob.mx)

Main DOROT’s Staff that will delivering:

  • Gerardo Alvarez, Director Commercial
  • Udi Zemer, Technical Manager
  • Yazmín Rodríguz, Country Director




Description of Solution Provided



6-30-FL-ANSI 150



8-30-FL-ANSI 150



12-30-FL-ANSI 150



6-47-FL-ANSI 150



8-47-FL-ANSI 151



12-47-FL-ANSI 152






About Dorot Control Valves:

Dorot Control Valves is a world leader in the development and supply of sustainable technologies and solutions for control and optimization of water systems. Established in 1946 and as a part of Matholding group since 2014, Dorot has a long tradition of providing innovative products and solutions for various applications in water and other fluid systems. As a global company, Dorot supports businesses around the globe with its experience and implements its range of solutions and services in the following areas: 

  • Waterworks Distribution Systems for civil and industrial engineering
  • Fire Protection
  • Industrial Applications such as Mining, Wastewater, Marine
  • Water Treatment and Filtration
  • Agricultural and Landscape Irrigation
  • Water Metering and others

Continuously listen and understand our customer needs allow us to develop a broad portfolio of water and other fluids systems application, in compliance with international quality standards and specifications. We are committed to quality and we follow strict global standards. Planning and manufacturing procedures are routinely assessed and improved. Each product is hydraulically tested in advanced testing facilities that simulate precise field conditions.

Customer satisfaction and recognition are important for us. This guarantees uncompromised know-how, expertise and professionalism in planning, designing and providing the optimal hydraulic control solutions.

About MATHolding Group:

MAT Holding is a multinational industrial group with more than 80 years of history composed of IQV, Regaber, Hidroglobal, Dorot, STF and VICAN, all of them leading companies in the areas of crop protection, irrigation efficiency and water treatment and handling.

The group develops solutions that contribute to the production of sufficient quantities of healthy, safe and affordable food products, as well as to the sustainable use of water in agricultural and industrial activities.

In accordance to its global orientation, MAT Holding is present in more than 100 countries and is the world’s leading producer of copper salts for agriculture and valves for water control. It also leads the Spanish and Portuguese drip irrigation markets. 


*According to media sources, The 2017 Central Mexico earthquake struck at 13:14 CDT (18:14 UTC) on 19 September 2017 with an estimated magnitude of Mw 7.1 and strong shaking for about 20 seconds. The earthquake caused damage in the Mexican states of Puebla and Morelos and in the Greater Mexico City area, including the collapse of more than 40 buildings. 370 people were killed by the earthquake and related building collapses, including 228 in Mexico City, and more than 6,000 were injured. The unfortunate natural disaster has cause lots of damage to the water supply.

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Dorot Building Information Modelling Project

Dorot Management Control Valves is releasing the Dorot BIM (Building Information Modelling) Project for design engineers all over the world. Dorot’s team of experts in hydraulic engineering have prepared a set of documents for major Dorot applications in 3D software: Revit from AUTODESK for you to use and apply in your projects. With Dorot BIM you can access all needed information about Dorot’s products and applications and integrate them easily in your water control systems design.

Revit from AUTODESK software is specifically designed for modelling project information from concept to installation. The software enables accurate 3D work, in real-time collaboration, between the number of members of the team working on the same file.

To access Dorot BIM Library and Revit files visit here, fill in the Dorot form, providing full contact details and information about their needs and challenges and the BIM Team will provide the data by e-mail.

Besides the products on a editable design engineering format, throughout the Building Information Modelling process, Dorot BIM Team offers support and knowledge for all its customers that requires it, providing an integrated and sustainable tailor-made solution.

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Danny Rosenbluth, Regional Director for Asia Pacific and Nick Peng from Dorot China gave a talk about pressure reducing valves as a mean to reduce water loss. The talk was given in the cities of Zhengzhou and Pingdingshan, in the province Henan. In each location we spoke to 100 municipal water engineers and managers.

The growing urban centres across China are presenting a growing challenge to the water networks in these regions. The internal migration from the rural farmlands to the Megacities has put a strain on the ability to provide consistent quality drinking water.

The networks in the city centres are old and the cost of refurbishing them, both in funds and in disruption to the city life is one that everyone wants to avoid.

The main problem is that pushing more water in the pipe systems is not helpful. the more they push the more water is lost in leaks.

Using mechanical valves to regulate the water flow and pressure has proved ineffective. The constant changes in the flow are hard to manage. The lack of real-time data does not allow for a real-time response or long-term planning.

The solution as tested and proved around the world is with hydraulically controlled valves. These valves constantly sense the pressure and flow changes and respond in real-time. Using electronically controlled hydraulic control valves allows for a 2-way communication with the valve and the ability to receive real-time data and chance the set points for the valves from a distant location. (...)

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Dorot is pleased to launch the new REVISED and Updated 300 Series Product Catalogue

The new S300 Catalog includes a comprehensive Design Manual for each of  300 Series Dorot main applications and control functions. The concise manual has been structured so it will be a easy-to-use tool for the designers and users. Understanding and choosing the right Dorot solution for all their challenges in terms of water control systems has never been more easy. 

The New S300 Catalog is built and structured as a fast manual (one page) for each of  300 Series Dorot basic control functions.

Dorot’s application engineer experts are at your service 24/7 with any special request, such as surge analyzes (solve existing water hammer issues, and helps with pre designed system to avoid water hammer risks) , advanced solutions for various requests, technical consultant, tender requests,  optimizations of systems at early stages etc.

Combined with Dorot legend S100 and S300 series, the user gets the best pack of solutions, robust platforms and continuous support along the product life.

Dorot is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and developers of sustainable technologies and products for water control and optimization systems. With more than 70 years of experience, the company is a worldwide pioneer in providing high quality solutions for Hydraulic Controlled Valves and Air Valves.

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Dorot completed in August 2017, the testing and subsequent UL  listing extension covering additional direct diaphragm seal deluge valve models and variants including the 68 Series bi-functional deluge pressure reducing valves, both remote and local resetting, as well as their wide array of optional accessories, optional external position indicators including: magnetic/inductive type position indicators, ExD solenoids and pressure switches.

The UL listing extention includes as before, the optional valve materials as well as end connections that are described in Dorot Engineering data  files and IOM's for UL listed valves.

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DOROT Mexico @ CONAPCI-AMRACI at the WTC in Mexico City

From 18-20th of September, Dorot México attended the event of CONAPCI-AMRACI at the WTC in Mexico City, as a new member of CONAPCI and expositor in the Forum.

On 18th September the 4th Members meeting was gathered, welcoming Dorot (and other companies) as new member.

CONAPCI´s presentation of annual progress and activities for next period. Among the debated subjects: technological innovation, regulation, human security and sustainability

Updating regulations, Challenges and opportunities for the industry, New infrastructure, environmental and economic impact, Technical aspects, Risk analysis, Resilence, Technological innovation in detection-alarm-automatic sprinklers and special systems, Certification of specialists.

From 19th to 20th Dorot México participated in the exhibition of the second Fire Protection International Forum Mexico 2017 Conference & Exposition at the WTC

The Forum offered a dialogue between authorities, experts and the private sector in Mexico, offering products, services and conferences on prevention and fire protection to ensure the protection of human life and sustainable and sustainable development of society and country.

The Exposition was a 2.400 square meters for 50 exhibitors and 2 rooms for conferences.

Dorot Mexico exhibition included some of our products, we showed ours Dorot Fire Protection Control Valves DE/EL/PR, DE/EL, MO/M and HY, these valves were shown with trim in SST, also the LEDE line was showed.  We received visitors from governmental companies as PEMEX and SEMARNAT and private sector for industrial and domestic services.


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