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MAY, 2018

In May, 2018,  Matholding Group is presenting its integrated water supply solutions for Agriculture @ Agritech Exhibition, 8-10th of May, Tel Aviv, Israel. Dorot, along with STF and GAER Line Ultrasonic Water Meters, all part of Matholding, will attend AGRITECH Exhibition, one of the world’s most important exhibitions in the field of agricultural technologies worldwide. This is a chance for our partners to discover our latest agriculture solutions and innovative products.

Visit us @ Booth  #105



Water is a force of nature, a vital resource that we, Matholding, through its companies, are able to nurture, clean, control and measure to the benefit of the farmer and its crops, by offering and delivering a high-end one stop solution for sustainable integrated irrigation systems, all over the world.
Join us during Agritech Exhibition to find out more about how to take care of your crops & water! 

About DOROT Control Valves:

Dorot Control Valves is a world leader in the development and supply of sustainable technologies and solutions for control and optimization of water systems. Established in 1946 and as a part of Matholding group since 2014, Dorot has a long tradition of providing innovative products and solutions for various applications in water and other fluid systems. As a global company, Dorot supports businesses around the globe with its experience and implements its range of solutions and services in the following areas: 

  • Waterworks Distribution Systems for civil and industrial engineering
  • Fire Protection
  • Industrial Applications such as Mining, Wastewater, Marine
  • Water Treatment and Filtration
  • Agricultural and Landscape Irrigation
  • Water Metering and others

Continuously listen and understand our customer needs allow us to develop a broad portfolio of water and other fluids systems application, in compliance with international quality standards and specifications. We are committed to quality and we follow strict global standards. Planning and manufacturing procedures are routinely assessed and improved. Each product is hydraulically tested in advanced testing facilities that simulate precise field conditions.

Customer satisfaction and recognition are important for us. This guarantees uncompromised know-how, expertise and professionalism in planning, designing and providing the optimal hydraulic control solutions.

About STF – Filtration Company

STF-Filtros is a company committed to meet the demands in different sectors that require technical solutions for fluids treatment.

STF-Filtros products assure an excellent reliability level due to its Engineering, Research and Development, New Products, Production, Quality, Technical Assistance and Customer Service Departments. STF-Filtros has a Test Bench to experiment with new products and a dynamic R&D program.

The wide range of STF-Filtros products are manufactured in our facilities located in Polígono Industrial Armentera in Monzón (Huesca) Spain. The company headquarters in Monzón has a total surface of 60,000 m2 and it is divided into 9 differentiated warehouses: Manufacturing (welding, etc.), Surface Treatment (blasting and painting), Mechanization and Assembly (product finishing processes).

About Matholding Group

Matholding is a multinational industrial group and worldwide leader in providing solutions in three main areas of expertise:

  • Water transportation and handling (Dorot, Gaer, OCV, VICAN)
  • Water treatment and filtration (STF, Hidroglobal)
  • Water control and automation (GMU, Sky line controllers, Condor)

With more than 80 years of history, Matholding gathers under one entity leading companies in the areas of water control and automation, crop protection, irrigation efficiency, water treatment and filtration, water transportation and handling.

The group develops solutions that contribute to the production of sufficient quantities of healthy, safe and affordable food products, as well as the sustainable use of water in agricultural and industrial activities.

In accordance to its global orientation, Matholding is present in more than 100 countries and is the world’s leading producer of copper salts for agriculture and valves for water control.  It also leads the Spanish and Portuguese drip irrigation markets.

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