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Twice a year we organize two seminars in Israel, one in English and one in Spanish focused on hydraulic control solutions in Water Works field, Fire Protection, Irrigation. Here, you will meet our technical team and you discover the latest developments in Dorot and various applications. This is a great opportunity to know more about our products and work with our engineers.

The International Hydraulic-Control Engineering Seminars aims to provide you with the opportunity to debate the latest challenges, share solutions and gain better understanding of hydraulic control solutions, design considerations and applications of control and monitoring devices in water-works systems. 

Day by day, engineers and designer world-wide make all necessary efforts to preserve mankind’s most precious resource: WATER!  Solutions for scarcity, water leakage and efficient water control systems are just a few of our daily-basis provocations.

Dorot’s Application Engineering team, your hosts for the seminars, will provide lectures and conduct seminars about all challenges that we face in water control management. You will learn how to overcome these challenges by using Dorot’s cutting-edge engineering and tailor-made application solutions.

Controlling pressure, flow and level in raw and sea-water reservoirs, pumping-systems water-conduits and treatment plants, water loss control, safety in water-systems for high-end industrial and high-rise buildings to usage of dynamic control systems are just a few of the subjects you will be learning and debating about during the seminars.

In Dorot we face them with know-how, innovation and professionalism in planning, designing and customer service. For one week, twice a year, we are sharing with you our expertise for reliable and optimal hydraulic control solutions.