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Use of Dorot model 30-4-PRM(Pu) - ‘Givat Yoav’ Resort Power Supply

Givat Yoav, Israel


Pressure-reduction in a supply to a resort in two pressure-setting values.

  • Low pressure in normal demand
  • A higher pressure setting in case of exceptional high-demand (fire event)

The Challenge

The resort of ‘Givat Yoav’ resort is supplied via a long supply line from an elevated source.

In normal demand conditions the required downstream pressure is low while the supply pressure is very high.

In case of fire demand, the customer has asked for the supplied pressure to be increased while at the same time the input pressure reduces due to the higher pressure-losses in the pipe-line leading to the resort.

The Solution

A patented, hydraulically-actuated, dual-set-point pressure-reducing valve, model 30-PRM(Pu) was installed and commissioned at the inlet point of the resort.

The valve responds to changes in the flow by sensing the upstream pressure and modulating the downstream pressure set-value between two pre-set values: low value at low flow and a higher value in case the flow increases.

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