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PVC Valves in Greenhouses

Holland, Holland


Project objective

Supplying to the one of largest flower pots growers around the globe, in Holland. 

The Solution

The Dorot agency in Holland - Revaho, completed a sale of 180 90mm solvent welded PVC valves.

  • The valves, installed in an irrigation system of a 10 hectares greenhouse, supplied to the one of largest flower pots growers around the globe. 
  • The flower pots are situated on flood and drain tables.
  • This type of irrigation technique requires high water flow at a very short duration, enabled by the exceptionally high flow capacity of the Dorot PVC Gal valves.
  • These valves allow fast closure that is cushioned due to the flexible diaphragm operation;
    this operation eliminates some of the pressure surges that occur in other valve types, risking the PVC pipe work during valves closure.
  • For better efficiency in the usage of the greenhouse space, the flower pots are grown on tables arranged in two levels. Some of the valves control the irrigation to the lower floor and are positioned on the ground level, the rest are positioned near the roof top.
  • The light-weight valve and internal parts allow easy and simple installation and maintenance even at these hard to reach locations.