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Pressure regulation and stabilized storage tank, filling with Dorot 300S

Spain, Spain


Project premises

The industrial collaboration between Aqualia and Hidroglobal has produced very efficient results. Here we present an example of a fairly typical project involving the regulation of high-pressure distribution-networks operated by Aqualia Níjar.

The collaboration was initiated by the participation of Hidroglobal in the network analysis and by offering the most appropriate solutions for each situation. 

The Solution

Aqualia Níjar chose the Dorot 300 Series automatic control valve for use in its entire network due to its stable regulation, even at near-zero flows (LTP® - a standard feature in the Dorot S-300 valves), as well as its general technical performance: ease of maintenance, high hydraulic capacity, precision, robustness and more.

More than 15 Dorot 300 Series valves were installed, performing various control functions on the Aqualia Níjar high pressure network, with diameters ranging up to DN 500 mm.

HIDROGLOBAL, Dorot’s representative in Spain, supplied the equipment and cooperated in its commissioning and job site monitoring.

The diagram below shows the final locations of valves in the first stage. To stabilize the network, variable flow control function was added to the level control valves. This prevents the lower elevation tanks from drawing too high flow and causing a pressure drop in the network. This case primarily uses tank control valves, fixed pressure reducing valves, and emergency relief valves. 


  • Precise and stable regulation of any flow without additional devices.
  • Precise tank regulation and maximum control system reliability.
  • Controlled closure of differential level valves to avoid transients.

The equipment supplier, Hidroglobal, conducted hydraulic studies of the network to ensure a complete solution for network regulation