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30 6'' PR HyMod Water Distribution London

London, UK


Project objective

To reintroduce appropriate pressure management to this water supply zone.


The existing flow meter and old PRV (figure 1) were surveyed for possible service and re-use. The valve was seized, again puttingit beyond economic repair.

The solution

Replace seized GA PRV with new 150mm (6”) diaphragm type PRV
Pressure logging has identified a possible 20-25 m reduction in pressure with some form of modulation at night
A 150mm Dorot PRV was purchased mated to a Fluid Controls hydraulic modulator with high pressure limitation pilot rail (figure 2).


As demonstrated in the charts below and in the next page: The volumetric reduction is 0.23 Mld (million
litres per day). Graph 1 - Pressure and Flow results illustrating post-commissioning of PRV and modulator.

Water Distribution-Londonimage002
Water Distribution-Londonimage003
Water Distribution-Londonimage004
Water Distribution-Londonimage005