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30 24'' BC Pump Control Monterrey Mexico

Monterrey, Mexico


Project objective

Prevent water hammer during pump startup and shutoff. Prevent returning flow (non-slam check feature) in case of power failure.

The Challenge

The pumping system requirements:
Replacing old, bulky piston actuated pump control valves at the site, thus reducing the operational costs and improving the performance of the system.
Protection against water hammer during start-up and shutoff procedures.
Preventing plug slamming while preforming fast emergency closure in case of power failure.
Achieving fast and slam free closure, in a low pressure-loss control valve.

The Solution

Install a system of 20" (500mm), hydraulically operated, flow control valves, on each of the supply inlets to install 24" ( 600 mm), hydraulically operated, booster pump control valves, on 4 of the supply pumps to the municipal reservoirs in 2 different pump stations. Following rigorous tests against competing valves, the customer (Monterrey City which is Mexico's largest industrial city) chose Dorot's model 30-24-BC

30-24-BC-Pump Control Monterrey Mexico-2
30-24-BC-Pump Control Monterrey Mexico-3
30-24-BC-Pump Control Monterrey Mexico-4