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Case Studies

Wolkaiyt Project – Ethiopia

Zareima River / Ethiopia

Use of Dorot model 30-4-PRM(Pu) - ‘Givat Yoav’ Resort Power Supply

Givat Yoav / Israel

High-expansion foam plant UNI EN 13565 Case Study by FSE PROGETTI

Italy / Italy

20'' Flow & Pump HCV Jucazinho Brazil

Jucazinho / Brazil

30 6'' PR HyMod Water Distribution London

London / UK

DOROT S300 PRM (HyMod) saves 1.08 million liters water per day

Belfast / Northern Ireland

30 12'' PRM HyMode Agua y Dranaje Monterrey Mexico

Monterrey / Mexico

30 24'' BC Pump Control Monterrey Mexico

Monterrey / Mexico

Pressure Management Tromsø, Norway Use of DOROT model 30-PR

Tromsø / Norway




Salta / Argentina

Central Filtration Project

Haifa / Israel


Angola / Africa

Pressure Regulation with Condor and 300 S

Spain / Spain

PR-EL-100S-8"-Pump-Control-Irrigation Argentina

Argentina / Argentina

Pressure regulation and stabilized storage tank, filling with Dorot 300S

Spain / Spain

PVC Valves in Greenhouses

Holland / Holland

Water Hammer Prevention - Case Study

Sevilla / Spain

HyMode use in Aielo de Malferit - Spain

Aielo de Malferit / Spain

Use of Dorot Altitude Controlled Pilot - PS - Pilot Valve - Costa Rica, Granadilla Water Tank

Granadilla Water Tank / Costa Rica

China, Wudongde. Hydroelectric Power Plant

Wudongde / China

Tirat Zvi - Smart Water ConDor Installation

Tirat Zvi / Israel

ConDor achieves a steady flow, and 40% water saving, while providing water for all: "it was a very good investment"

Tampico / Mexico

Smart mixing junction delivers $20,000 worth of savings in a year

Kvutzat Shiller / Israel

Flow regulation by ConDor exceeds expectations, increasing flow capacity in culvert pipes by ~100%

Altenrhein / Switzerland

Aquestia’s Smart water pressure management outperforms demand and delivers immediate return on investment

Nicosia / Cyprus

A valve with two pressure points: a customized solution for precise irrigation at variable pressures

Moran-Lotem plantation / Israel

DOROT S300 DI differential pressure valves generates savings of 15,000 USD

Chichuana / Mexico