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Mey-Yavne- How to provide water to an entire city and remain in control?

"Mey-Yavne"- How to provide water to an entire city and remain in control?

July 2015

By Dorot Control Valves

"Mey-Yavne" is the regional water corporation of the "Yavne" municipality and the "Gan Yavne" local council. "Mey-Yavne" needed a product capable of handling different water pressures and still to provide water with perfect reliability for a large city.

"Mey-Yavne" contacted Dorot Control Valves ("Dorot") to define and installation of the project. 'Dorot' has developed a large scale Pressure Control System called HyMod, which is a dynamic flow regulated pressure reduction system.

The HyMod system has been effectively used for many years in many major cities around the world, and it meets the needs of Israeli water corporations.

The HyMod system is designed to manage water pressure when the target pressure in a particular area varies according to demand. These pressure changes often cause increased wear and tear to the water system. The HyMod system is installed at the entrance to the local water system, where the water corporation wants to reduce the input pressure and manage the local water pressures by setting maximum and minimum values, according to data provided by 'Mekorot', the national water company. The HyMod system is connected to the input of the water system, where the pressure can be adjusted according to the rate of flow, if it changes.

The HyMod system is unique in its ability to change the downstream pressure according to the consumption flow rates going through the valve, without electronic controllers but by using a reliable and relatively simple hydraulic system.

Pressure changes according to varying flow rate can reduce the required pressure during low consumption and increase it as consumption increases, compensating for changes in the internal pipe friction, and provide sufficient, constant and stable pressure at a point distant from the location of the valves.

The system installed in the city of "Yavne" received an additional data logging and transmission system embedded in the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), which allows interfacing to the water company’s SCADA system (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition). This system allows controlling the network to reduce response times to unexpected changes in the process (for example - an unexpected increase in the flow rate may indicate a water leakage in the supplied area).  


 A remote data collection and management system installed in the "Mey-Yavne" offices, continuously receives information about the municipal water system: Pressure, reservoir levels, pump status, fluoridation and chlorination levels, and more. "Mey-Yavne" initial requirement at the outset of the project to interface Dorot’s HyMod system to their existing management system - a challenge that 'Dorot' accepted. "Mey-Yavne" specified the figures that they expected to get from the valve, and 'Dorot', by integrating with an off-the-shelf PLC that was adapted to these specifications, created a communications infrastructure on a cellular network that transmits data from the front end valve to a back end data input system on the server. The data is then converted and formatted to information for the SCADA system, and is then presented in the management system. Using this interface, the customer receives a complete map of the municipal water system, including the 'Dorot' products.

In addition to our quality products and solutions, 'Dorot' provides the customer added value in the form of a professional safety net. Throughout the project, the customer receives technical guidance and support, and afterward offers professional service and years of experience for every need.


Ronen Papino, an engineer at the "Mey-Yavne" Corporation, describes the work with the system and cooperation with 'Dorot': "The HyMod system helps us reduce depreciation levels in the city of "Yavne" by maintaining constant pressure and reducing the number of water leakage in the city. The system has been working continuously since it was established, and continuously transmits pressures upstream and downstream of the pressure reducer, including the reducer’s status. The system interfaces with an existing "Wizcon" SCADA system, and so we can maintain the history of data transmitted from the controller on the ground, adjacent to the HyMod. So far, the system has not stopped broadcasting, while being fed solely by a solar photovoltaic panel. Even during the cloudy days we had last winters. The system maintains steady water pressure in the city, using a system of pumps on the west side of the city. If the pumps stop working, the HyMod system responds immediately and supplements the missing flow from the eastern side of the city. Of course, when there is high consumption, the HyMod system supplements the flow together with the pumps. I am pleased to have partnered with Dorot, the system was installed by a professional team that responded to every call of the corporation ".

'Dorot' continues to accompany the "Mey-Yaven" Corporation at all times, and provides support and a solution for every need.

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