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Dorot Saves Water to Aguas de Valencia - Spain

Dorot Saves Water to Aguas de Valencia - Spain

March, 2012

By Dorot Control Valves

Aguas de Valencia, one of the largest Water Companies in Spain - established in 1890- has agreed to expand its use of Automatic Control Valves manufactured by DOROT, as part of its long term effort to reduce its Non Revenue Water ("NRW").

This is part of a multi-year ambitous plan to reduce leakage in Aguas de Valencia.
The plan includes:
          1) better segmentation (of the system)
          2) improved monitoring
          3) leakage detection
          4) pressure reduction, utilizing state-of-the-art valve solutions from DOROT.

A typical system is over-pressurized in order to supply with the critical pressure at the critical point in its peak demand. However, this creates an excess of pressure in other non-critical areas and/or when there is no peak demand.

DOROT has different valve solutions to reduce the pressure in the system and to control the pressure in more sophisticated ways than a standard pressure reducing valve, which maintains one single set-point downstream of the valve at all times.

In this phase, Aguas de Valencia implemented a series of S-300 valves, with two set-points: a day pressure set-point and a night pressure set-point, easily set through a battery operated controller. The system is very flexible and reliable.

Batteries last up to 5 years and the controller is suitable for outdoor exposure with IP68 enclosure.

The light-blue line shows the different two set-points of the pressure reducing valve. When the demand is low pressure was reduced by 18%. This is estimated to reduce leakage in about 20% by Aguas de Valencia. The Return On Investment of these valve solutions is estimated to be less than one year (!).

Dorot Control Valves have been chosen year-after-year to be a valve provider of choice for Aguas de Valencia because of the S-300 valve's capability of regulating pressure at extreme low flows, feature that is critical for Pressure Management and Leakage Reduction in Waterworks Systems.

Dorot Valves were distributed in this project by Hidroglobal, Dorot's distributor for the Waterworks Market in Spain.

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