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Dorot Italy Delivers Impressive Project for Water Optimization Use in Sicily

Dorot Italy Delivers Impressive Project for Water Optimization Use in Sicily

Interconnecting Two Reservoirs to Secure Water through Different Seasons

November, 2012

By Dorot Control Valves - Dorot Italia

DOROT EUROPE, a wholly owned subsidiary of DOROT WATER MANAGEMENT LTD. ("DOROT"), delivered an impressive amount of DOROT S-300 Control Valves, DAV Series Air Release Valves, Electromagnetic Water Meters and Telemetry Equipment in a state-of-the-art Water Utilization Project in Sicily.

Dorot Italy delivered 77 units of DOROT S-300 Valve Series, from 4" to 24".

The project consist in interconnecting water sources, the lakes PRIZZI-GAMMAUTA-CASTELLO for bi-directional water transfer from one source to the other, to better utilize water for irrigation purposes in the Sicily Region. This includes utilization of water from the SOSIO RIVER.

Dorot Delivered 124 units of Air Release Valves, Combination Valves, DAV Series

The goal of the project is to allow the Ministry of Agriculture of the Sicilian Region to be able to retrieve the amount of water that is needed for irrigation of the area each season. The amount of water needed differs significantly from season to season, having sometimes excess of water but lack of water in other times.

Dorot Italy delivered 9 Electromagnetic Water Meters, sizes 8" to 20",

pressure rated for up to 640 psi.

Connecting the system of reservoirs in an integrated manner will allow sufficient irrigation required throughout the year. The integration included Telemetry Equipment supplied by Dorot Italy, a long time Motorola partner.

Two S-300 Control Valves with Telemetry Control shown;

in the center of the picture a large Combination Air Release Valve is shown.

One of the challenges of this project was to deliver products that are rated up to 640 psi, due to significant elevation changes.

The estimated total cost for the entire project is EURO$20M, including 32" Steel Pipe, 1/2" thick.

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