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Dorot Delivers Complete Pressure Reducing Stations in Argentina

Dorot Delivers Complete Pressure Reducing Stations in Argentina including Dorot's Flag Products: S-300 Automatic Control Valves and DAV-MH Air Release Valves

August, 2012

By Dorot Control Valves

The city of Salta in Argentina is located in the Lerma Valley, at 1,152 meters (3780 feet) above sea level in the north west part of Argentina and it is also the capital city of the Salta Province. Along with its metropolitan area, it has a population of more than 500,000 inhabitants, which makes it Argentina's eighth largest city.

The Water Authority of Salta, "Aguas de Salta" launched a project to expand and improve the city’s potable water-works network. Up until that time, the majority of Salta’s residents, as well as those in the valleys around the city, were supplied with well-water via tanker-trucks.

Dorot Pressure Reducing Stations spread across the entire water system of City of Salta, Argentina 

The idea of laying the City of Salt’s Southern Aqueduct was conceived as a way to improve supply to 150,000 customers.
The aqueduct is entirely gravity-fed, and the 300 meters (~1,000 feet) of height differential along its 28 km (17 miles) pipe length must be regulated by pressure reduction stations.

Dorot delivered 8 Pressure Reducing Stations: Each pressure reduction station incorporates a Dorot 300 series, rigid-sealing, pressure reducing valve (sized 12” to 24” \ 300 to 600 mm) and is capable of assuring a fixed and stable downstream pressure, regardless of the upstream pressure or demand flow

Each system is fitted also with a Dorot 300 series quick-open relief valve at its downstream side. In addition, two Dorot combination air valves and two Dorot centric, butterfly shutoff-valves installed upstream and downstream of each pressure-reducing station.


RENNELL AGUA Y SANEAMIENTO, Dorot’s representative in Argentina for the public waterworks market, supplied all the safety and control elements for this aqueduct. Rennell offered local support related to the installation, calibration, and commissioning of the valves, including staff training for Aguas de Salta personnel.

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