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Dorot Control Valves Solutions make Puerto Vallarta an -even more- appealing touristic destination

Dorot Control Valves’ Solutions make Puerto Vallarta an -even more- appealing touristic destination

May, 2012

By Dorot Control Valves


The beautiful touristic city of Puerto Vallarta in the Pacific Ocean Mexican Coast is a top destination for millions of tourists from around the world. However, every year, Puerto Vallarta experiences a fairly long rain season (from July to November) that often includes tropical storms. Hurricanes occur in the proximity of Puerto Vallarta on a yearly basis.

Heavy rains and tropical storms come with unique problems and situations to be resolved. Street flooding commonly occurs in Puerto Vallarta, and it includes flooding valve boxes. Not having access to the valve boxes (where Gate Valves are located) in the water drinking supply system of Puerto Vallarta impacted every year the residents of the city. While other services remained available throughout a storm, it would be common to have interruptions of the Drinking Water supply.

This problem generated the need for an innovative solution. Together with SEAPAL, the local water authority, Dorot Mexico helped define, and later on, delivered, an optimal technical solution. Dorot Valves made sure water supply to residents will not be interrupted, even if the valve box is flooded.

The requirements to make this happen were, however, complex: 
- An Automatic Control Valve, to be controlled remotely, electrically controlled. 
- The valve would be able to feedback its accurate real-time position. 
- When a solenoid is energized, the valve would be controlled by a PLC controller to be able to perform multiple control functions.  
- Upon power failure, the valve will act as a Pressure Regulating Valve, hydraulically controlled (by the water in the mainline).

- The valve would be operational even if it is immersed for long durations of time in salty sea water and mud.  Therefore, all electric components needed to be IP68 - Immersion Proof. 

The first valves were supplied in 2010. Dorot 4" and 12", S-500 and S-300 valves, respectively.

The valves have passed real life testing through two rainy seasons already that included tropical storms and nearby hurricanes. The valves continue to operate successfully under the harsh conditions of immersion in run-off water and mud.

SEAPAL in Mexico is just another example of a large Water Utility Company that has found in DOROT CONTROL VALVES a partner to develop unique control valve solutions that solve real life problems. 

We invite you to share with us your unique needs and partner with us deploying elegant creative solutions that improve your water supply system, and who knows, it might help to your touristic appeal as well!

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