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Dorot Control Valves contributes to Water Savings

Dorot Control Valves contributes to Water Savings - Smart Solutions with its Pressure Management capabilities in South California by Partnering with Beeco and Clarke Sales

January 2013,

Extract from the Mechanical Contractors Association of America Journal

Pressure management is one of the most important Water Demand Management interventions that can be implemented by a water utility or by any water system contractor at a high rise building or municipal landscape system, in its efforts to reduce leakage and save water.

Since leakage is driven by pressure, any efforts which result in the reduction of water pressure for even part of the day will reduce the leakage to some extent. Despite the obvious benefits that can be derived through proper pressure management, relatively few water utilities and few water system integrators around the world are in fact implementing any form of pressure control.


If implemented correctly, pressure management can be successful in reducing leakage from existing and new burst pipes as well as the frequency of bursts, extending the life of a water system. In certain circumstances, pressure management can also result in a significant reduction in the “normal” consumption and will have the hidden benefit of extending the lifespan of the system. How many times we see landscape system in hotels, parks and apartment complexes overflowing and creating significant amount of run-off?

Several cities and water utilities around the globe are already active in their Pressure Management practices. Among them, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, Israel, Philippines, Brazil and others.

However, it is not up to the water utilities only to adopt new technologies and smart solutions for pressure management, but rather to all of us, Water Professionals, when implementing and installing water systems, small or big.

DOROT Control Valves have been successfully used around the world in Pressure Management projects. These include Pressure Reducing Valves, Pressure Modulating Valves, Electronically Controlled Valves, and more. 


DOROT distributes its Waterworks Valve Offering through Beeco Control Valves, a company based out of Chicago, IL. Dorot valves make sense to customers also because are the only control valves in the marketplace with Stainless Steel internal parts as a standard, which makes them basically corrosion proof and suitable for harsh water conditions and make their life span longer.

One of the most recent implementations of Beeco/Dorot Control Valves in 2012 was with the Valencia, CA based company, Clarke Sales. Clarke Sales is a system integrator of Back-flow Preventers and Commercial Landscape Stations. 
Clarke Sales was the first company in the USA to implement a V-PORT station, a station that eliminates the need to cut the water of a building in order to service a back-flow preventer. 

“Why are we shutting down water service, especially to buildings where water service is critical, such as restaurants, hospitals, schools, and clinical facilities?” Clarke asked. Bernie Clarke has been considered for years as one of the top experts in Back Flow Preventers in California. “It’s not necessary. Designers and engineers need to know there’s now a better way” - Clarke says.

In Clarke Sales V-PORT stations, Beeco/DOROT Control Valves are installed at the backflow preventer station (rather than into the building); this lets the water customer have uniform (and lower) pressures at the needed flow rate, thus saving water and money, and increasing user satisfaction.
A dual backflow assembly, ACV regulator, and other components combined into one fully redundant valve station eliminate:

  • The need to designate a room for components.
  • A main line with 24 hr of high pressure on going into various buildings containing their own set of regulators.


Pressures at the backflow assembly and, in turn, pressures in the mainline throughout the facility, are reduced.

The use of the Beeco/Dorot Automatic Control Valve (ACV) is the best way to optimize pressure range. The ACV has a higher range of operating pressure and can hold design operation pressure when flow is increased, as opposed to the common use of several smaller direct-acting regulators that lower pressure when more water is called for.

Virtually every water supply system which is operating on a full 24-hour pressurized supply has some scope for pressure management whether or not it is a flat area or a very hilly terrain. Whether it is a water utility company, a high rise building, hospital, or golf course, pressure management shouldn’t been overlooked together with its advantages for cost effective water savings and life-span extension benefits.

With Beeco/DOROT Control Valves, every contractor can trust that the most cost effective solution will be specified. Beeco/DOROT Control Valves has the most complete ACV product line in the marketplace, with ACV ranging from 1.5” to 30”, straight and angle, full port and reduced port, ductile iron and stainless steel valves.

The contractor and the end user will not only save water but also energy, maintenance, wastewater and money and be able to implement a smart solution.

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