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Aguas de Sevilla Utilizes Dorot Control Valves

Aguas de Sevilla Utilizes "Dorot Control Valves" Sophisticated Leakage Reduction Solutions

April, 2013

By Dorot Control Valves

EMASESA, the Spanish Water Utility Company also known as "Aguas de Sevilla", has initiated an aggressive plan to reduce Water Loss in the city of Valencia. 

This plan includes:
            a) Segmentation of the network

b) Monitoring
c) Leaking Detection
d) Pressure Management.

Dorot Control Valves ("DOROT") through its Spanish representative for the Waterworks MarketHIDROGLOBAL, collaborated with EMASESA for the design, sizing, specification and supply of customized automatic control valves, based on EMASESA’s specifications and requirements.

EMASESA chose DOROT's S-300 Valve Series due to its high quality, extremely accurate regulation properties, ease of maintenance and operation, bi-directional flow ability, and versatility (valves being easily configurable for future functionality, which lowers their total cost of acquisition).

Especially for this project, DOROT delivered bi-directional automatic control valves, with a battery-operated timer (IP 68, 5 years of operation battery life), which allows higher pressure at specific times of the day to improve public service, and lower pressure at other times of the day to decrease water loss. The valves allow for special programming on weekends and holidays, and other special events.

In the first phase, the S-300 valves will allow EMASESA to monitor and eventually determine leakage levels of the network, by monitoring the night flow and pressure regime.

As required in the following phases, EMASESA will be able to easily add different levels of pressure regulation capabilities in order to fulfill different needs.

We are proud to have EMASESA in our portfolio of customers and projects associated with NON REVENUE WATER.

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