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Dorot mining valves are used to control the ores- eaching process, in mines of various materials. The Automatic valves replace the manual ones in numerous control applications, such as Pressure Reduction, Local Controller-Activated Start / Stop of the leaching, Remote Control, Pipelines Flushing etc. A wide range of control alternatives, enables the user a precise selection of the must- suitable valve for his specific control request.

Features & Advantages

  • Simple, symmetric pattern
  • Structure materials resistant to strong acids used in the leaching process
  • Large water passages, high clogging resistance
  • Wide selection of control applications:  

- Pressure Reducing valves, maintaining constant pressure in the sprinklers or drippers laterals.  

- Electrically- activated valves- allowing remote, automatic control of start and stop of the      leaching periods.  

- Combination of control functions, pressure control and on / off command  

- Electronic controllers that set fixed timing for the leaching sequence and for laterals flushing.

See Dorot Mining Brochure