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Ballast Water Treatment

Ballast water is essential for the safe operations of ships. It provides stability and maneuverability during a voyage and during loading and unloading operations. It reduces the hull stress caused by adverse sea conditions or by changes in cargo weight as well as fuel and water. Maritime transport moves more than 90% of the world’s freight and uses up to five billion tonnes of ballast water a year, a figure that is estimated to triple within the next ten to fifteen years. Organisms transported in the ballast water may survive to establish a reproductive population in the host environment, becoming invasive and out-competing native species at risk of total collapse of existing ecosystems. This is considered to be one of the greatest threats to the survival of the oceans by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).
A ballast water treatment system is a major investment with a single purpose: ensuring your environmental compliance. We overcome these challenges by offering cutting-edge engineering support and tailor made solutions,  in compliance with specifications and international quality standards. 

S-300 Marine Applications

EC - Electronically - controlled valve (ConDor) - Series 300

Dorot Series 300 Electronic Control Valve (’30-EC’) is an automatic, solenoid control valve, activated by the pressure of the pipeline. The valve controls by the versatile DOROT “ConDor” controller that enables all control functions, or combination of functions, at extreme accuracy. Can be controlled by any pulse- activating controller.

  • Better performance:

Regulates at a stable mode, regardless of valve-size, down to near-zero flow. Thus, eliminating the need for a special low flow plug-design (such as ‘V-port’) or a bypass valve.

‘Floating’, low-friction internal-trim design, guided by unique LPT® device.

  • Increased reliability:

All control ports are fitted with SST sleeves for preventing corrosion-blockage

Pre-shaped reinforced diaphragm – for easier assembly and improved longevity.

  • Reduced periodic inspection\maintenance labor:

The control-trim is fitted with a self-flushing, inline control-filter.

Easy in-situ adjustment and maintenance.

  • Versatility:

A standard and simple single-chamber valve design, provides smooth operation.  Conversion to a double chamber is a patented option.

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EL - Electrically - activated valve - Series 300

Controlled by an electric solenoid valve, that initiates opening or closure of the main valve. The electric control can be added to most other control applications. 
Principal of operation: Dorot Series 300 Electric Control Valve (’30-EL’) is an automatic, solenoid control valve, activated by the pressure of the pipeline. The valve controls by an electric current or an electric pulse opens or closes the main valve. The standard valve is supplied in the “normally closed” position. The normally open” position is optional. Electric activation can be added to other control applications on request
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