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Proximity Switch Indicator Assembly

Dorot’s position indicator & proximity switch assembly provides local visual and remote electric indications of the valve’s open and closed positions.

The assembly may include a single switch to indicate that the valve is either fully closed or fully opened, or two switches for fully-open and fully-closed position indications.

The proximity switch is hermetically-sealed in a stainless steel enclosure which is certified explosion-proof and is double encapsulated in an epoxy resin and shock absorbent polymer.

Alarm test trim

Dorot’s alarm test trim allows connecting a hydraulic water motor alarm (WMA or gong) and optional pressure switch to the main valve.

A water motor alarm is a hydraulic, automatic mechanical device, actuated by water flow and is designed to sound a continuous alarm upon actuation of a deluge, pre-action or dry-pipe valve.

The alarm test trim is connected between the upstream and downstream main valve ports and allows testing the alarm and pressure switch without opening the main valve.

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