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Main Supply-infrastructure

Plastic Pilot-Operated Valves

75 Series

Series 75 plastic valves are designed to control irrigation systems for crop fields, vineyards and orchards (...)

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Super Gal Valve - 75 Series

The Super Gal is an innovative 3” plastic valve designed for greenhouse, nursery and drip irrigation, agriculture and landscape applications (...)

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80 Series - 80W Double Outlet Valve

Dorot presents the 80W, a specially designed  valve for agriculture applications featuring  high quality, affordability, ease of installation (...)

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80 Series -Turf Irrigation 80-1”, 80-3/4”

The 80 Series turf irrigation valves is an electric valve especially designed for gardens, parks  and golf courses irrigation (...)

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80 Series - Angle Valve 3” & 4”

Dorot presents the new 80A,  a specially designed valve for agricultural applications, combining high quality, affordability (...)

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80 Series - Globe & Angle

The 80 Series – Globe & Angle Irrigation Valves its an innovative valve for agricultural, irrigation, greenhouses, filtration systems and (...)

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80 A-QR Quick Pressure Relief Valve

The 80A-QR is a pilot-operated, universal surge-relief valve, that is designed for the pressure-surge protection of pumps, filtration systems and pipelines (...)

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uPVC Valves - 95-96 Series

The uPVC valves, models 95 (threaded) and 96 (solvent welded) are designed to be used in high-flow irrigation plots and flood tables (...)

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Metal Pilot-Operated Valves

Gal Valve - 100 Series

The direct sealing diaphragm valves were introduced to the world market for the first time by DOROT CONTROL VALVES at 1982. This valve is operated by the pressure of the pipeline and is used for various control applications in water supply, irrigation systems, sewage, fire protection, and industrial water control systems (...)

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500 Series

The Dorot Series 500 is a unique, cost effective control valve for water-works and irrigation systems. It is designed for superb regulation capabilities, combined with low pressure loss in the fully open position (...)

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