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Fields of expertise

Digital Solutions

Our Digital Solutions Divison emerged within Dorot, combining our expert knowledge of hydraulics with state-of-art innovative solutions.

Within nearly every sector, the world is on a clear path to becoming increasingly digital. Water utilities are beginning to embrace this transformation, realizing the benefits that can be achieved – some are at the beginning of this path and others are well on their way.

Today, our Digital Solutions Division lead the industry in water technology advancement by providing up-to-date innovations, smart systems, and solutions that contribute to and enhance the water industry.

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Dorot’s valves are specially designed to comply with all the demands of Waterworks systems such as: Pressure Management, Low Flow Regulation, Leakage Prevention, Pump Control, Level Control, Surge Prevention, Sewage and Water Treatment. In order to comply with various conditions, Dorot innovative state of the art products, are made from a variety of materials such as: Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Cast Steel, Stainless Steel, Bronze, PVC, Polypropylene and GRP. Dorot's portfolio provides a wide range of dimensions for their Hydraulic Control Valves & Air Valves, covering from 1/2" to 32", suitable to ovecome the needs of any water control system. 

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Dorot is a leader in Automatic Control Valves for the Irrigation market including: Drip Irrigation, Greenhouses, Turf, and Landscape. Our products are designed for a variety of water control applications and made out of sturdy, durable, corrosion resistant, high-quality materials that allow you to overcome all water control challenges in Agriculture systems such as: Pressure Regulation, Flow Rate Control, Water Hammer, etc. With simple design, Dorot products allow maximum dependability at a minimum level of maintenance, while yielding optimal irrigation operation.

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Fire Protection

Dorot Fire Protection Valves provide a reliable and comprehensive solution for all fire protection applications. Dorot Fire Protection systems can be utilized in hazardous offshore and onshore locations, and/or corrosive environments such as refineries, platforms, FPSO’s, power generation plants etc. Dorot offers a variety of water, foam and seawater fire protection valves for use in deluge, Pre-Action systems; pressure regulating, water level control, hydrants and monitors. Dorot valves are made from a variety of materials such as Nickel-Aluminum-Bronze, Stainless Steel, Super Duplex, Bronze / Marine Bronze, Cast Steel and Ductile Iron.

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The large range of water control systems developed by Dorot fits the needs of multiple industry areas, from Marine applications to Mining and HVAC. Dorot HCV and Air Valves have a simple structure offering an easy maintenance, high resistance to any acid used on site due special mixture of rubbers and extremely low energy losses. Dorot mining solutions are used to control the ores-leaching process, in mines of various materials. The automatic valves replace the manual ones in numerous control applications, such as Pressure Reduction, Local Controller-Activated Start/Stop of the leaching, Remote Control, Pipelines Flushing etc  mining valves 

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Water-treat. & Filtration

A water treatment system is a major investment with a single purpose: ensuring your environmental compliance. We overcome todays' challenges by offering cutting-edge engineering support and tailor made solutions for water treatment and a variety of Back-Flushing valves for filtration systems. Dorot products are made of high durability materials for water treatment of aggressive waters and their design allows working in regulation functions without risk of cavitation. Our products can be integrated in any automation system or can be controlled by our own controllers (ConDor) and are made of sea water compatible materials.

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