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Ultrasonic Water Meter Gaer GMU 500+

Ultrasonic Water Meter Gaer GMU 500+


The Gaer® GMU 500+ Ultrasonic Water Meter offers the most accurate measurement to monitor the performance and efficiency in potable water networks. With a robust design, The Gaer® GMU 500+ Ultrasonic Water Meter has a dual ultrasonic beam measurement technology that provides high accurate measurement. Having no moving parts in contact with water, the Gaer® GMU 500+ Ultrasonic Water Meters are maintenance-free. Being highly reliable they sustain their accuracy throughout their lifetime. This range of water meters, with its wireless communication technology and its pulse interface, provides new possibilities for integrating flow and volume measurement data into different user-configured applications, for a smarter management of water networks.

Technical Specifications

  • Nominal diameters: DN50, 65, 80, 100, 125 and 150.
  • Maximum admissible pressure: 16 bar.
  • Temperature class: T50.
  • Flow Profile Sensitivity: U0D0. 
  • Precision class: 2, R500. 
  • Installation position: horizontal or vertical.
  • Bidirectional measurement.
  • No moving parts in contact with water.
  • Connection flanges by ISO PN16.
  • Made of cast iron with epoxy coating.
  • Highly robust design. Submersible: IP68.
  • Battery power: 10 years of service life (extendable to 20 years through external battery kit, installable without disassembly).
  • Classification to external disturbances: electromagnetic environments class E1.
  • Mechanical classification M1.
  • Environmental class: C.
  • Standards: MID 2014/32 / CE (based on OIML R49: 2013, ISO 4064: 2014, EN 14154: 2005), European Health Certification. 


  • Water Works
  • Potable Water Networks


  • Cable M12
  • External battery kit