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Aquestia BIM Model Download Page


Engineers and designers who need to incorporate hydraulic-valves and air-valves into their plans are welcome to download our parametric 3D BIM (Building Information Modelling) files.

When using AUTODESK's Revit© or compatible software, important product information and meta-data is made available such as selectable diameters, end-connections, links to specific valve and control trim brochures, IOMs, images and more.

Some of the special features we introduced into our files:

  1. Control trim and service clearances to protect against costly real-world design errors.
  2. Light-weight files allow for easy manipulation of the valves in your plan.
  3. Great 3D and 2D representations of the valves.

Click to download BIM brocure


Click on the model below to download the file:


All BIM models

Dorot S100, model 82Dorot S300Dorot S500


All Hydraulic Control Valve BIM models

Dorot S100, model 82Dorot S300Dorot S500


All Combination Air Valve BIM models

DOROT S68 - Fire Protection


A.R.I. D-040

DOROT S100 Straight Models


A.R.I. D-060

DOROT S100 Angle Models

Dorot S100, model 82

  A.R.I. D-023


Dorot S300

  A.R.I. D-026


Dorot S500

  A.R.I. D-025


If you enjoy our models or have any remarks, please drop us a line: bim@aquestia.com.