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Dorot Connection Book - Agri

Dorot Control valves is offering its connection book for the Agriculture sector as a free service.

Dorot is a leader in Automatic Control Valves for the Irrigation Market including: Drip Irrigation, Greenhouses, Turf, and Landscape.
Dorot's innovative state of the art products are made of a variety of materials such as: Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel, Bronze, Polyamide and uPVC.

In this connection book you will find descriptions, drawings and connection schemes of various valves, pilots and solenoids used in Dorot's offerings for the agriculture and irrigation markets.

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Dorot Calculator

The Dorot Calculator, by Dorot Control-Valves is a calculation tool that can be used to calculate pipeline water-flow and low data and be used for orifice sizing, The tool is designed to assist water-system designers and is easy to use and simplified formulae inputs will allow you to enter known information and have the calculator solve for the missing data.



  • Calculates two orifice types based on use
  • Pressure drop calculation
  • Flow rate and speed calculation
  • Friction (HW) coefficient calculation
  • Diameter calculation
  • Graphical Help section

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