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Welcome to AV-Pro’s world!

Dorot introduces you with the new online design tool for the hydraulic engineers:  The Air-Valve PRO!

Air-Valve PRO, or short AV Pro, is designed to allow a designer of water networks an easy-to-use & comprehensive solution for an accurate size selection of air valves and their preferred locations along the pipeline.

AV-PRO's algorithm is based on Dorot's extensive knowledge and expertise gained over more than 70 years of experience, along with up-to-date Air Valve Research and Development, as well as advanced aerodynamic equations.

Since every system is different and engineers may incorporate personal approaches from safety margins, commercial considerations to design priorities, AV-PRO was especially designed to be user friendly, in form and content editing, allowing intuitive manual modifications, including moving, adding, deleting, increasing and decreasing sizes.

You have all your design engineering tools at hand, all by just using a few simple mouse clicks.

All design results may be saved on the engineer's computer, so that previous projects can always be edited whenever needed.

AV-PRO's results are both graphic and numeric, thus allowing the engineer to add them to the general and detailed network design, and to the project's documentation. AV-PRO's is free to use following a short registration process. No licensing downloads, installing or payments are required.

Just internet connection! It’s that SIMPLE!


See AV-Pro Brochure

Why to use AV-Pro:


friendly interface Easy to use: AV-Pro has a friendly interface; very easy to use for all design engineers looking for a comprehensive solution to help them plan their pipeline project!

extremely exact Accurate & Flexible: All data given by the AV-Pro is extremely exact. Thanks to Dorot’s algorithms and advanced aerodynamic equations, it offers design engineers the solution for an accurate size selection of air valves and their preferred locations along the pipeline.

for design engineers For Engineers Only: AV-Pro is a tailor-made tool for design engineers! It’s the most accurate & friendly toolbox for making engineers’ life easy and their projects smarter! 

trustworthy Reliable: AV-Pro is the trustworthy co-pilot for all design engineering pipeline projects! Dorot's know-how and expertise, gained in more than 70 years of experience is gathered in one dependable tool, at your disposal!

 freeware Online Access: AV-Pro is a freeware. It needs only internet. No downloads or complicated installing process. Is that simple! Click – Plan – Design

Learn more from AV-Pro Operation Manual