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History of company


Almost 75 years ago, in the middle of nowhere, Kibbutz Dorot was established.

On Chanukah, in 1941 Kibbutz Dorot was established on a desert hill in the northern Negev by young immigrants, who came mainly from Germany, Latvia and the Czech Republic. It is named after the three family names of Hoz (Dov, Rebecca and Tirza Hoz) who died in a car accident a year earlier.

Drilling the first water well 

The need for valves arose after the completion of drilling the first well, when there was a possibility to start watering lands. So they wanted to start a vegetable garden and orchards, but it was not financially possible to purchase taps.

Factory Establishment "Dorot Foundry and Metal"

“There was a need to purchase tools such as a lathe, drill and so on. Since we had no possibility to make a purchase like this, it was decided to impose the purser to sell a truck in order to finance the acquisition.” (Founders of Dorot Factory).

The first structure in a tin shack

"The equipment has been installed in a tin shed near the electricity room. We designed the interior of the valve and the foundry and began producing 2-inch valves. Everything was quite complicated ... At the beginning of 1947 we built the first building – a structure made of blocks. In the Independence war it was hit several times by Fragments of bombs, left many ventilation holes” (One of founders of Dorot Factory).

Marketing the first valves

"The first valves were intended for us, and one of the members was given the task to try and sell them in Tel Aviv. He was going in the morning with a heavy backpack with samples and managed to sell valves intended for open irrigation (...) the various forms of irrigation forced the factory to adapt its products to the market requirements.”

Since then, the plant was known for its ability to come-up with an answer to every challenge. 


Patent for "elaboration in valves

"The need for bronze valves arose. After designing and manufacturing of the valve we got a patent for it. It was the beginning of the Independence war, which paralyzed the plant completely. After the war, we began re-manufacturing valves; we bought a lathe and other equipment which allowed us to manufacture more sophisticated valves."

Establishing the first foundry

"In 1950, the foundry was established and we started to pour in house in a very primitive way and hard work.

This allowed us to produce more. Also cultivated the parts in the plant thanks to the purchase of additional machinery and improvements in work process" (taken from a restoration of establishment the factory)


Dorot valves – for all pipes

Participation in exhibitions: The factory introduces the variety of products in exhibitions all over the world, starting from the 1950’s. Initially in “homemade” pavilions and later in designed and innovative pavilions, showing the range of solutions offered by Dorot in agriculture, water works technologies and fire protection.

1980-1990 From mechanical to hydraulic valves

"At the beginning of the 1980’s development of hydraulic valves began. Not another mechanism for opening and closing manually, but a system that exploits the energy of water to operate the valves for water irrigation and for connecting to serial computerized control systems"(taken from a restoration of establishment the factory (

Establishment of new Foundry

"In 1980 a new foundry was built, using a unique technology, and it served the factory faithfully for 20 years.

It was closed because of the economic reality that has been created, in which competitors produce around much lower costs” (taken from a restoration of establishment the factory)

From a workshop to a modern industrial plant 

In the 1990’s export markets expanded, support systems have been developed, R&D department strengthened, new test bench was built, assembly hall and warehouses expanded significantly. A new product line known as Series 300 was introduced and there have been significant improvements in production processes, technological devices and information systems

Dorot - a company with a rich past and a vision to the future

In the 2000’s, the factory has turn from a productive plant only to a company emphasizes the marketing aspect, development of new markets, new products, opening subsidiaries and more.

Since 2014 Dorot is under the umbrella of Matholding Group, Spanish Holding with offices worldwide, active in water technologies and sustainable crops development.

Today Dorot is a wordwide leading company and a pioneer in manufacturing and developing sustainable technologies and products for water control and optimization systems, providing high quality solutions for Hydraulic Controlled Valves and Air Valves


Continuing the development plan, Dorot initiates the adventure in Argentina and started to deliver water technologies to a new market. In 1999, Argentina was in a massive expansion of acces to water for the population and our water solutions were part of this huge national program. Nowdays, the market program of improved sanitations includes 98% of the population in urban and rural areas. 


After Argentina, Dorot continued its expansion plan in central America by new subsidiary in Mexico. It was the moment when the government implemented a strong nationwide increase in acces to improved sanitation. By opening this new subsidiary in Mexico, Dorot became an important supplier of water technology in all region for different levels of development across the area. 


In 2008 a new road was open with Dorot new subsidiary in Italy, starting the development in european market.  The size of the Italian market in different sectors is well known, but also the advanced level of technologies. This is one of the most important markets in Europe for irrigation solutions, thanks to a strong strategy based on quality water technologies. By an innovative irrigations practice, Italy is gaining an economic advantage and Dorot is being a part of this huge program.


In 2009, Dorot has added another major market in its global development plan. China Subsidiary open the road to asian continent, with almost 230 million ha equipped for irrigation. This is just over 70 percent of the irrigation area worldwide.  Dorot products for water control and optimization systems are now part of the biggest irrigation infrastructure, with the largest part of area equipped for irrigation. 


2 years after entering the Asian market, Dorot has now an office in another important continent, Australia. Here, the state develops policy and provides services to improve the productivity and sustainability of agriculture after the effect of climate variability and climate change. Our water solutions for agriculture, water works and fire protection help the state and the industry to continue their programs in water reform. 


Following the export market expansion, Dorot open the EMEA Office in Spain for all Europe, Middle East & Africa regions as it became part of Matholding Group.This is the most important moment for Dorot in developing new markets and expanding due to a significant increase all around the world. New solutions are being implemented day by day for a constant evolution in relation to the changes and the necessities of the environment. Dorot has a bigger team, able to deliver water control solutions anywhere in the world.


Following the important development in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Dorot opens a new subsidiary in America and Canada, thus reaching out to every major market in the world. The company participates in the most important events and exhibitions with the variety of products and innovations offered by Dorot in water works technologies, fire protections and agriculture.  


After reaching the asiatic continent by opening new subsidiary in China, now Dorot has a subsidiary in India, an important pawn in water industry in all its aspects. Dorot has started developing its local team with both Commercial and Technical members. With an office in Rajasthan, Dorot offers support for our local distributors both technically and commercially. Some of our local partners have been working with us for over 20 years and are expending rapidly. India is the largest English speaking market in the world and 42 percent of the world total equippment for irrigations is located in only two contries, China and India. The government is having innovative approaches for improving water control solutions and Dorot is being part of this developing program.