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Pau Relat

Chairman & CEO of MAT Holding

Pau Relat, Chief Executive Officer of MAT Holding, has a degree in pharmacy from the University of Barcelona and MBA in IESE. Has a wide experience in the chemical sector, developed in Industrias Químicas del Válles as executive director. He is president of the Commission of Internationalization of the Chamber of Commerce in Barcelona and member of the plenary, member of the General Council of Barcelona Fira and vice-president of FemCat Private Foundation of Entrepreneurs. Moreover, he was awarded as the Emergent Entrepreneurial of the year 2014 in Spain granted by EY, with the sponsorship of BNP Paribas and collaboration of IESE.

Jordi Crespi

CEO of Dorot Management Control Valves

Former CFO of Matholding Group, Jordi led the integration of Dorot under Matholding organisation before becoming CEO of the company in February 2016.Native from Barcelona, Jordi has relocated from Spain as part of the integration process and now Tel Aviv, Israel is his second home. Jordi holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and graduated the IESE Business School General Management Program. 

Yael Peleg

VP Operations & Site Manager

Yael joined Dorot in February 2016 as Chief Operations Executive (VP Operations & Site Manager). With 25 years of executive managerial experience at Intel and ICL of Operations, Maintenance, Engineering, Research & Development Water Treatment Systems, Yael holds an Executive MBA degree from Rekanaty Business School, Tel Aviv. Following her father’s steps, she graduated from Ben-Gurion University, Faculty of Natural Sciences, having a Bachelor Degree in Sc. Chemistry. 

Nili Fuchs

VP Human Resources

With more than 15 years of experience in Human Resources management, Nili joined Dorot in 2016.Having a vast experience in personal consulting top managers and management teams, her focus is on Leadership, Learning & Organizational Development processes aimed to enhance the organizational performance.
She gladly embraced the opportunity to be part of the development phase Dorot is going through. Nili’s main responsibility is to ensure that in every decision we make, we take into consideration the unique human asset that drives all performance and execution while truly connecting it to the company’s  core values and mission.

Giora Naor

VP Technical and Engineering

Valeria Sheinberg

Chief Financial Officer

Since 2015, Valeria holds the position of CFO for Dorot Management Control Valves. During 2007-2015, she served as the company controller. Before that, she was the controller of Hami Yoav and Kibutz Kfar Aza, Israel. Valeria has extensive experience in complex management of industrial companies with diverse international operations. Her expertise in leading and upgrading financial processes has brought significant achievement in cost-saving and organizational efficiency.

Valeria holds an Israeli CPA Certification from Bar Ilan University in addition to a master degree and bachelor of economics and master's degree as engineer of Coal mining industry from the Donetsk Polytechnic Institute Ukraine, the biggest and oldest higher education establishment in Donbas, founded in 1921. 

Assaf Heimann

Head of Applications-Engineering and R&D Department

Applications Engineer and Hydraulic-Control Expert, Assaf leads both Research and Development and Applications-Engineering departments at Dorot Automatic Control Valves. With more than 19 years’ experience in general hydraulic control solutions for water networks, Assaf is one of the leading experts in Dorot. His area of expertise spreads from pressure and flow control, water-level control and prevention to attenuation of water-hammer. Assaf has been involved as a consultant in numerous hydraulic control schemes around the world with national water-works, fire-protection and irrigation systems. He graduated from B.Sc Mech Engineering, Technion- Israel Technological Institute.

Andrea Bogdanic Trajtemberg

Head of Global Customer Service

One of the pillars of Dorot management team, Andrea is Head of Global Customer Service, being responsible for customer and support service for Dorot world-wide since 2016. With an experience of more than 15 years in Dorot, Andrea occupied different positions inside the company, from sales and marketing to customer support. Her expertise and commitment have been key factors in the global development of Dorot, from Latin America, where she was in charge of customer support from 2002 till 2007. From 2007 till 2013 she has successfully led the Export Department of the company. Between 2013 and 2016, she established the foundation for a sustainable business for Dorot activity in Europe Middle-East and Africa, as Regional Director of Sales for EMEA. Andrea speaks 4 foreign languages and holds a BA in Business Administration and Management from Sapir University in Israel, obtained in 2011. In 1997, while still living in her native country - Chile, she graduated from the "Universidad de Arte y Ciencias Sociales ARCIS" - Santiago, holding a degree in Social Studies.  Andrea also she has a BA in Industry Management from Comvux University in Sweden, graduated in 1992. Her professional and educational background make her one of the assets of Dorot Team, who’s know-how and experience is actively made available to partners and customers all around the world contributing to the growth and sustainable development of Dorot global activity. 

Maor Avital

Project Management Officer

After graduating from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, holding a degree in Mechanical Engineering (Bachelor of Science), in 2006 Maor has joined Dorot experts’ team as Production Engineer. He held this position for 6 years, till 2012, when due to his extraordinary capabilities in Engineering Management and his familiarity with Dorot products he was promoted to Engineering Department Manager. He never stopped investing his time and energy in education, thus in 2008 he enrolled for a Master of Business Administration (MBA) that he graduated in 2011 from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. His professionalism and leadership skills make Maor one of Dorot assets. With a very clear mind set, focused on results and accomplishing high quality standards in project management, at the beginning of 2017, after successfully implementing ENOVIA PLM system inside Dorot, Maor has been advanced to Project Management Officer, being responsible for all synergies between R&D, Engineering and Operations inside Dorot. 

Dan Kilberg

Global Division Manager - Fire Protection Valves

In 2015 Dorot team of experts enriched by joining Dan Kilberg as Global Division Manager for Fire Protection Valves. Through is know-how and professional skills in high hazard onshore & offshore water & foam Fire Protection, Hydraulic Control Valves, Oil & Gas Industry and Waterworks, Dorot Fire Protection Division gained its rightful place as a key-player in Fire Protection Market. Dan's areas of expertise extened to ABS - DNV-OS-D-301 - LLoyd's - ISO 6182 seawater service Fire Protection Valves , skids & control panels,  SIL 3 - 4 , Zone 1-2 EEx , ATEX, Deluge & Pressure Control, Seawater Service Control Valves - ASTM B148 - Niquel Aluminium Bronze UNS C95800250-375 psi WCB A216 - D.I ASTM A-536 - Monel, SMO , Hastelloy High Built Epoxy , Rilsan (Nylon#11) , Halar & Vitroceramic Enamel coatings.

Dan’s experience in water control systems spreads thought more than 15 years. Previous to Dorot, Dan has led the Oil& Gas Industry department for Raphael Valves. Before that, he managed the Fire Protection Oil & Gas department inside Inbal Valves.   Borned and raised in Argentina, Dan holds a BSIE degree from the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, CABA, Buenos Aires.  

Hagai Sivan

Global Division Manager Irrigation & Agriculture

Hagai comes from a 4 generation family of farmers, agriculture running in his blood. His extensive experience and know-how in Irrigation and Agriculture crops industry spreads for more than 15 years.  Hagai joined Dorot 5 years ago offering Irrigation Support for all Agriculture customers. Since 2015 he is leading the Agriculture Filed of expertise covering the needs of Dorot global presence.

Before joining Dorot, Hagai was as a part of Netafim organization, being one of the key-poles for the company’s development in north of Israel.

His gratest passion is farming, along with his family he still owns and administrates a small ranch, cultivating olives in North Israel. Hagai graduated from the Agriculture School of Kadoorie, one of the most important top-notch educational institutions in Israel, with world-wide recognition in training and educating future generations in the Agriculture field. 

Danny Rosenbluth

Regional Director Asia-Pacific

When you say Marketing and Sales, you say Danny. After more than 20 years of activity as business executive with experience in Water, High tech and construction industries, Danny is one of our marketing & Sales pillars. He is responsiblefor the strategic development and growth in Asia and Pacific. Danny manages the regional sales managers and the local teams in China, India and Australia. Danny holds a Bachelor Degree in Economics and Logistics from Bar-Ilan University. Volunteer activity is part of his life as for the last 13 years he has been teaching economics and society at the Pre-military School in Aderet, Israel, were he is member of the board for 16 years. Sharing his know-how and expertise enriches him daily, to broaden the mind of the young and help create a generation of leaders represents a great experience for him

Santi Singla

Regional Director / EMEA

Santi has been a part of Matholding family for more than 10 years.With over 15 years of experience inengineering design (engineering companies, commissioning) Santi took over the challenge of joining Dorot’s Marketing & Sales team, being responsible of all Europe, Middle East and Africa regions. His technical background and expertise provides him the knowledge to better promote the business of hydraulic control solutions for the fire protection and water distribution systems. Santi holds a Master Degree in Hydraulic Engineering and Rural Engineer from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. He is a certified specialist in valves and air valves from AENOR certification network, member of IQNET since 2008.

Gabriel Mizrahi

Regional Director – Latin America & Mexico

Gabriel, known by everyone as Gabi, started working with Dorot in 1993. He was the promoter and developer of the Latin American market, Spanish and Portuguese, where the presence of Dorot in those years was very incipient. Originally residing in Israel, Gabi has lived in Argentina since 2000, which has enabled him to have a very active presence throughout Latin America. Much of the expansion of Dorot's portfolio of products has been driven by Gabi, being in close contact with customers, he has always been one of Dorot's main sources of information regarding the needs of the global market. Seeing the potential of the Mexican market, Gabi founded and was a partner of Dorot Mexico, the first subsidiary company of Dorot. The search for more and better solutions of high technology and the intimate contact with customers and users has always been Gabi's concern. Gabi holds an MBA from Heriot-Watt University

Yazmin Rodriguez

Regional Director - Mexico

Danny Meadows

Regional Director - USA & Canada