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Central Filtration Project - Haifa, Israel

The requirement at the Central Filtration Project for treated sewage of the Haifa (Israel) area was for a big (16") and reliable valve, to act as a Pressure Sustaining valve.
The valve must be capable of handling up to 2300 m3/h with minimal head loss at full capacity, and at the same time, to be able to handle very low flows without the need for support kits - like throttling plug (V-port with a bigger sized and priced valve), or a small diameter by-pass valve.

The solution to such a requirement is unique to Dorot's Series 300 of Automatic Control Valves in its standard configuration and without having to pay any extra for it.

As a standard feature, the 300 valve at any given size (and now available between 1.5"- 40mm to 20"- 500mm), can regulate low flows of even less than 1 m3/h. In other words, the size of the valve is determined by the maximum flow only - without the need to make any compromise due to the systems low flow characteristics.

The natural and obvious solution was to use Dorot's Series 300, 16"-400mm valve
with the CX-PS pilot. The valve of this size can regulate flows of as low as less than 1 m3/h and up to 2,500 m3/h, at a very low head loss, as a standard feature.


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