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Field Applications

On/Of valves

The On/Of valve, as its name implies, has only two positions: completely opened and fully closed. The valves is controlled either manually, electrically (by an electric solenoid valve), or automatically,(by a 3way pilot).

Pressure Reducing Valves/ relief valve
The Pressure Reducing valve reduces upstream pressure to a steady, pre-determined downstream pressure, regardless of fluctuation of upstream pressure and flow rate.

Pressure Sustaining Valves / Pressure relief
The Pressure Sustaining valve maintains a steady, pre-determined pressure in the network, upstream of its location. Should the pressure exceed the required set-point the valve opens, which increases the network flow and reduces the upstream pressure. should the upstream pressure fall below the required value, the valve will close drip-tight.

Quick Relief Safety Valve
The valve open instantly when the pressure in the pipeline exceeds the safe level, thus relieving excess pressure in the network. when pressure returns to normal, the valve closes slowly, at an adjustable pace.

Flow Rate Control Valves
The Flow Rate control valve maintains a preset, steady flow rate in the network, regardless of pressure variations and flow demand. The valve opens fully when the flow demand is below the preset maximum value, or when the system pressure can not supply the required flow.

Water Level control valve
The Water Level control valve controls the level of water in tanks and resevoirs, to prevent overflow and/or draining below a preset level. the valve is available with a float, a differential float, or altitude control with a pilot.

Pump Control valves
The Pump Control valve prevents pressure surges caused by the start-up and shut-down of the pumps in the network.it also maintains pumping operation within the required range, and protects the network from damage due to power failure. also available - surge anticipating valve and deep well control valve.

Fire Protection Valves
The Fire Protection valve automatically activates the fire extinguishing system. The valves are opened either manually or automatically. also available- deluge valve and pump relief valve.

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