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Fire Protection

Dorot Fire Protection Valves provide a reliable and comprehensive solution for all fire
protection applications: from basic fire suppression systems to the most demanding fire
protection applications. Dorot's Fire Protection systems can be utilized in hazardous offshore
and onshore locations, and/or corrosive environments such as refineries, platforms, FPSO's,
power generation plants etc.
Dorot offers a variety of water, foam and seawater fire protection valves for use in deluge,
Pre-Action systems, pressure regulating, water level control, hydrants and monitors.
Dorot valves are made from a variety of materials such as Nickel-Aluminum-Bronze, Stainless
Steel, Super Duplex, Bronze / Marine Bronze, Cast Steel and Ductile Iron.
Standard material valves such as Ductile Iron (ASTM A-536 65-45-12) and Cast Steel (WCB
A-216) are coated as standard with zinc-enriched, high-build fusion-bonded epoxy (FBE) and a
UV protective topcoat conforming to EN12944 C4 & C5 high & very high corrosion protection
grades. Naval quality very high corrosion protection grade conforming to EN12944 C5M is
available upon request. Other coating standards such as NORSOK or ANSI/NACE as well as
coatings for special material valves such as austenitic Stainless Steel (CF8M/ASTM A-316) and
Nickel Aluminum Bronze (ASTM B-148) can be supplied upon request.

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