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DIM-B Dorot Irrigation Meter



For measurement of high flows of cold potable water passing through the pipeline.
The best option to register water consumption if there is outside watering or sprinling at your farm.


  • Can be connected to a irrigation system for in-plant applications.
  •  Magnetic drive, lower transmission resistance.
  • Sealed dry dial register ensures clear reading.
  • Register can rotate more than 360º for easily reading in any position.
  • The body is made of special cast iron coated with epoxy varnish treatment.
  • Paddle wheel design resists blockage and damage to meter from solids in water .
  • The measuring mechanism can be removable from the body for checking, maintaining and  
          replacing, and the body needn t be dismantled from the pipe.
  • Paddle wheel parts can be in common use for several sizes.
  • Can be equipped with reed switch option (register can not rotate).
  • Suitable for irrigation and waste water applications. 
  • Working Conditions
    Water temperture: ≤ 40ºC
    Water pressure: ≤ 1.6MPa

    The meter consists of a main body, a measuring mechanism and several connecting pieces.

    Working Principle
    The meter uses a multi-bladed plastic paddle wheel mounted semi-inside the flow pipe. The flowing water causes the paddle wheel to rotate continuously, which in turn is connected to a register through mechanical and magnetic linkages. The volume of water which has passed the paddle wheel is then indicated on the register.

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