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Fire protection mechanical valves
Fire Protection Control Valves Catalog
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Fire Protection Control Valves

General Information
Series 300 Basic Valves Description
Series 100 Basic Valves Description
Automatic Valves for Sprinkler Systems
 DE/HL Basic Deluge Valve
 DE/HM Hydraulically Controlled Deluge Valve
 DE/EL Electrically Controlled Deluge Valve
 DE/EL(CN) Electrically Controlled Deluge Valve (Chinese standard)
 DE/RC 3-Way Electrically Controlled Deluge Valve
 DE/RCL Electrically Controlled Deluge Valve with Manual Reset
 DE/HRV Hydraulically Controlled, Anti-Columning Deluge Valve
 DE/HRV/EL Electro-Hydraulically Controlled, Anti-Columning Deluge Valve
 DE/PORV Pneumatically Controlled Deluge Valve
 DE/PORV/EL Electro-Pneumatically Controlled Deluge Valve
 DE/PORV/EL/DN Double-Interlock Pre-action, Electric-Pneumatic Release System
 DE/PR Pressure Regulating Deluge Valve
Local and Remote Controlled Monitor Valves
 M Manual Activation
 RC Remote Hydraulic\Pneumatic Activation
 EL Remote Electric Activation
Automatic Distribution Valves
 PR/UL Pressure Reducing Valve
 PS/UL Pressure Sustaining\Relief Valve
Water Level Control Valves
 FL Modulating Float Controlled Valve
 FLEL Electric Float Controlled Valve
 FLDI Differential Float Pilot Controlled Valve
 AL Altitude Pilot Controlled Valve
 HY Hydraulic Hydrant Valve
 HY\PR Hydraulic Pressure-Regulating Hydrant Valve
 LEHAVA / ZIK Hydrant Valve (Classic type)
Auxiliary Valves
 DGV-FF Gate Valve
 DBV-FF ButterflyValve
 DCV-FF Check Valve

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